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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

08.10.2021 09:09:45
photoVulnerability currently in Chile Bro. Patricio Guentelican Perez I come from the Island of Chiloé with beautiful other islands and with its own culture regarding food, dance, traditions, customs, family values ​​and the way of dressing. During my childhood and adolescence, the people of the island considered poverty as illness, therefore, as long as there is health, there is no poverty, it was the motto of the time and that remains to this day especially among rural people. Chile, as a ....
27.09.2021 07:23:11
photoHeave Love in the Wounded Land (By Bro. Michael Sidarta, FIC,)   What is needed for apostleship? Love. Yes, just love.  Apostolic work, especially for the poor, is more than just work to complete a program or project. Work carried out in the spirit of love, devotion, and in the spirit of religion will definitely turn apostolic. That's why our apostolate needs love. Love, devotion, and religious attitudes are what we need to develop. This is what I experienced ....
29.08.2021 09:08:40
photoThe Poor are our Masters   By Bro. Andrew Makocho   Poverty is an enduring experience that has accompanied human beings throughout life. As Dussel observes, “Every system, every totality, produces its poor. It is important to note that every freedom, every revolution, creates new poor. It is a reality that is confronting us and has become an ever-present challenge. Attempts to ease poverty have been less obvious while as proclamations upon proclamation are now the order of the day. FIC ....
23.08.2021 12:30:52
photoFocussing our Apostolic works on the most poor and needy Raphael Besigrinee, General Council Our reflection this time is focussed on the General Chapter resolution 16B which requests all FIC brothers, communities and provinces to take concrete action towards the poor and needy. We are expected to do this through our apostolic work. By our calling as religious, we are assigned to carry out the mission of the Church in the world just like the apostles, and we do this ....
16.08.2021 17:48:27
photoDear Brothers,   It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Brother Wilhelm Leensen on August 13, 2021.   Brother Wilhelm Leensen  FIC  Wilhelmus Paulus Martinus   He was borne on 22 April 1945 in Hasselt (Overijsel, Netherlands). He made his first profession on 15 August 1964. On 13 August 2021 his Creator called him to eternal life in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.   After his first profession in ....
16.08.2021 15:27:42
photoWa, 15th August 2021   Dear fellow Brothers,   A WORD FROM THE GENERAL SUPERIOR.   I send all of you my fraternal greetings from Ghana. I also wish to extend very HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to all our gallant jubilarians. I would have wish to be physically present and celebrate this very important day and the occasion of the jubilees with you, but duty has called me to Ghana since the 15th of July this year.
14.08.2021 14:40:42
photoDear Bro. Provincial Superior and fellow Brothers,   WORDS OF CONDOLENCE ON THE DEATH OF THE LATE BRO. WHILHEM. From a WhatsApp text message posted by Bro. Theodorus Suwariyanto I understand that we lost a fellow brother in the person of Bro. Whilhem. I am saddened by this bad news. I write to express my pain, grieve and at the same time my condolence to all of you who have lived and worked with our late brother. I remember ....
13.08.2021 17:28:29
photoHerewithwe present to you the fourth issue of IGCin 2021,which will inform you about the following: * Areflection on:Communitylife can be a formof evangelization * Working visit to Ghana Province * Initial formation programme, Malawi Province * Construction of the graves in Muntilan * Special birthdays in the coming months
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