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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

25.07.2021 02:17:10
photo ON-GOING FORMATION SESSION FOR JUNIOR BROTHERS (By Bro. Gasper Kalisto FIC). In accordance with Brothers FIC Malawi Provincial Statutes, Brothers are encouraged to be diligent in continuing their spiritual, doctrinal and practical formation throughout their lives. Superiors are to ensure that they offer assistance and opportunity to do so (Cf. Provincial Statute 8.1). The Provincial Council of Brothers FIC in Malawi Province arranged for an on-going formation session for the temporary professed Brothers in the Province. The ....
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19.07.2021 15:39:22
photoCELEBRATING FOUNDATION DAY IN MALAWI PROVINCE (By Bro. Gasper Kalisto FIC). Brothers in Malawi Province gathered at the Provincial House, Bethel Community, on 11th July to commemorate the Foundation Day of FIC Congregation in Malawi. Sixty one (61) years have passed now when the first brothers arrived in Malawi to start their mission. The first group of brothers: Bros. Agnus Janssen, Bosco Hendrix, Wilhelm Van Bekel and Tarcisio Van Raaij arrived in Malawi on 11th July 1960. The second group: Bros. Harry Muselaers, Aloysio van Broek, Gerard van ....
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19.07.2021 14:39:12
photo Beberapa cara untuk melipatgandakan rasa syukur. 1. Tulislah catatan atau surat “terima kasih”! Kita dapat menjadi lebih berbahagia dan memelihara relasi yang lebih nyaman dengan orang lain dengan menuliskan “surat terima kasih” yang mengungkapkan kegembiraan dan penghargaan kita terhadap orang-orang yang berpengaruh baik dalam hidup kita. Kirimkanlah surat “terima kasih” itu, atau jikalau memungkinkan, lebih baik kalau dibacakan langsung ....
14.07.2021 17:23:07
photoS P E C I A L B I R T H D A Y S. July  09 Romualdus Suyono (70) - Semarang-Wisma Bernardus August 06 Lorentius Edy Wahyudi (50) - Pemalang 10 Antonius Karyadi (60) - Bandungan 18 Martinus Handoko (70) - Semarang-Sultan Agung 22 Victor de Mos (70) - Boslaan, Den Haag September 07 Hans van Leeuwen (95) - Maastricht-Bruss.str.Bernardus
12.07.2021 16:19:51
photoOUR CALL AND MISSION TO LIVE THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE CONGREGATION. We are called first of all through our Baptism to follow Christ as Christians, and missioned to spread the Good News to the World, beginning from our own communities. My call to religious life, and in particular, to the FIC Congregation is a step to further deepen my call in a special way by making myself available to serve first of all my fellow brothers, and beyond that, the rest ....
05.07.2021 02:08:48
photoDear Br. Valentinus Daru Setiaji, I stand here on behalf of the Emmaus Community, on this very special occasion to extend our congratulations to you for your 25 years of dedicated service to God's people. We are grateful to God for this and hope you will be able to continue for many years to come. Proficiat! I believe your journey over the past 25 years has not been all smooth and enjoyable. There must have beeen beautiful, bright, and happy moments, but ....
05.07.2021 01:56:38
photoJOYS AND SORROWS ACCOMPANYING REFUGEES. I'm Brother Bonaventura Zeca Menezes Xavier Salsinha. In short, Brother Zeca. On daily basis, I am a teacher at Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus Elementary School in Sabraca-Laran, Dili, Timor Leste. In connection with the above theme, I tried to reflect on the experience of living with refugees who are accommodated in the school where I work. Currently, I have been living with refugees for almost 2 months. Thinking about that, I have mixed feelings. Happiness ....
28.06.2021 01:56:31
photo“MARY AND MY LIFE AS A RELIGIOUS FIC BROTHER” I believe that Mary indeed is the model of my vocation as religious. By her personality, spirituality and virtues she gave birth to religious life and has become an ideal model to emulate. Naturally, religious men and women who have dedicated themselves to live the Christian vocation in the most radical sense find in Mary their mother and model. Mary was the perfect contemplative, totally committed to the one thing necessary (Lk ....

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