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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

05.11.2019 18:22:46
photoSend Off Bro. Petrus Suparyanto, 22 August 2019. Members of the Emmaus community bid good-bye to Bro. Petrus Suparyanto during a farewell celebration on Thursday, 22 August 2019. Bro. Petrus had been living in the community for 8 years, while on a study apostolate. In attendance were our fellow brothers from the Bernardus community of de Beyart, Prins Bisschopsingel and Rooden Leeuw communities, all in Maastricht. The niece of Bro. Guido Sukarman and her husband (Theresa and Johanes) were also present.
04.11.2019 15:54:24
photo The Religious Community and obedience to the Will of God. Obedience is primarily an attentive listening to the call of the moment: to self, to others, to the events and experiences of life that demands a response. All Christians and religious are called to obedience, and to model themselves after the obedience of Jesus Christ. By the vow of obedience, religious seek God through Jesus in their religious community and through its way of life. According ....
31.10.2019 15:53:20
photo Bersyukur dan Mengasihi (dari buku Bersyukur itu Indah) Bagaimana pun, disadari atau tidak disadari, sepanjang perjalanan hidup kita, kita telah banyak menerima sesuatu dan bantuan dari banyak orang. Kita hendaknya membangun kesadaran terus-menerus bahwa banyak orang telah membantu dan memberi banyak hal kepada kita, tanpa perlu kita memikirkan tujuan khusus dari pemberian bantuan itu. Yang penting, bahwa pada kenyataannya, kita telah menerima banyak hal dari orang lain. Pada dasarnya mereka telah membantu kita. Kalau kita mengakui ....
25.10.2019 17:44:21
photo  "Bro. Bernardus Hoecken and The Observance to The Constitutions".   Dear Brothers, three days ago, on 22nd of October 2019, we commemorate Bro. Bernardus Hoecken who passed away in 1880. In this morning prayer, I invite you all to remember our co-founder in a special way as part of our gratitude for his life and for the abundant inheritance he left for us.   His life at the earliest stage of our Congregation was an immeasurable blessing from ....
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23.10.2019 17:33:28
photo  Dear Brothers,     It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Mr. Ger Verwer on October 19, 2019.   Gerardus Cornelis Nicolaas Lucretia Maria Verwer   He was born on 10 April 1947 in The Hague. He has been assosicated member of the FIC in The Netherlands since 16 September 2006. He passed away on 19 October 2019 in The Hague.   The funeral service ....
21.10.2019 01:34:23
photoReport of Wednesday, 16 October 2019 Leadership Workshop and Congregational Conference 2019 All too soon, the two-week journey has reached its end. The weather looks quite bright but still cloudy with intermittent appearance of the sun. In our morning prayer, Bro. Theodorus Suwariyanto led the group in a reflective prayer with the theme “Protecting their heritage”. Many were in the departure mood, but not until the conference was officially declared closed. With this in mind, we gathered for the wrapping up and ....
20.10.2019 01:39:47
photoReport Monday, 14 October 2019. This day was the first day of the Congregational Conference. On the agenda were the provincial reports of the different FIC provinces and of the Religious House of the Netherlands (RHN). Each province / RHN gave his report about the following topics: -        The developments in the province / RHN during the last year (2018 – 2019), -        The important themes / challenges, -        The joys and worries, -        Recommendations / decisions of the provincial chapter or RH conference and the ....
20.10.2019 01:22:52
photoReport Leadership Workshop/ConCon 15 October 2019. [Raphael Besigrinee] The business of today comprises five main topics, namely formation issues, FIC gift policy, constitutional regulations, communication policy and financial matters. The brothers from the RHN led the morning prayers in which we reflected on the theme "Wisdom and Knowledge". We asked for God's wisdom using the beautiful prayer of king Solomon for the day's deliberations. Armed with God's wisdom, we started with formation issues in the first session in which we dealt with ....

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