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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

01.10.2022 03:27:57
photoCONCON FIC Brothers, Friday30 September 2022. The closing session. (Reported by: Bro. Theo Riyanto) We started our day with our morning prayer with the theme "Open Your Heart To Gratitude" led by Bro. Lucio Torres from FIC Chile Province. He invited us to reflect on true spirituality in making every moment of life a moment of thanksgiving. We are borne in God's fatherly hand. Gratitude may add luster to our lives; gratitude for our being human, for our being Christians, for ....
30.09.2022 16:49:13
photoCONCON 2022 ST. LOUIS COMMUNITY, WA THURSDAY, 29TH SEPTEMBER, 2022.   Today, Thursday, 29Th September, 2022, we celebrated the feast of Ss. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Archangels). Today also marked the 9Th Day of ConCon, 2022. The day was generally good. Clear and sunny weather without rain compared with the preceding days.  As usual, we started the day first with a prayer service under the theme “How do I live my Community life”. The prayer leader, Br. Lawrence Patrick Sitima - Provincial Superior of Malawi ....
30.09.2022 01:17:24
photoCONCON 2022, Wa-Ghana, 28th September 2022. (Reported by: Bro. Javier Solis U.) The day started with a Prayer Service led by Bro. Frans. Asisi Dwiyatno, the Provincial Superior of Indonesia Province. The theme of the reflection was Happy Poverty. Bro. Frans invited us to reflect with the constitutions FIC, N° 2  and with the gospel Luke 18:18.27 “How hard it is rich people to enter the Kingdom of God” In the reflection wue can realice that we need the spirituality of poverty and deliver ....
28.09.2022 16:23:49
photoConCon- Ghana- 27th September,2022                    By Lawrence Sitima   The day started with a Prayer Service led by Bro. Seregeous Dery, the Provincial Superior of Ghana Province. The theme of the reflection was Communion of Life. After the opening song, two articles from the FIC Constitutions, articles 41 and 42, were read by Bros. Lawrence Sitima and Javier Solis on Dialogue, Contact and deliberation and Community Life respectively. Both articles put emphasis on the importance of our living together in community with others, and how we should treat one another. Welcoming one ....
28.09.2022 03:20:47
photoConCon 2022, St. Louis Community, Wa, Ghana Report Monday 26 September The day began with a Eucharistic celebration at 06:30 together with the brothers of St. Louis community, something different from the daily schedule. This different arrangement was to create room for a prayer service in the evening to mark the birthday celebration of two brothers in St. Louis community. The rest of the day’s program was according to the schedule.    At 09:00 as usual, we began the first session with ....
26.09.2022 14:41:35
photoCongregational Conference 2022, Day 4 (Reported by Bro. Wim Luiten) After a number of wet days with heavy rain fall, Thursday, 22 of September began as a clear, dry and sunny day. This was indeed a welcome change.  We were all well and in good spirit. We started our morning with a prayer service led by bro. Lawrence Sitima from Malawi. He had chosen as a theme: Leadership as God would expect it. His choice was inspired by the writings of our ....
26.09.2022 00:22:50
photoCONCON 2022 ST. LOUIS COMMUNITY, WA BRIEF REPORT ON OUTING TO COSY HILLS – JIRAPA SATURDAY, 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2022   Today, Saturday, 24Th September, 2022, the twelve participants of the ConCon, 2022 had a well-deserved break after a weeklong intensive meeting that left participants exhausted. This tiredness clearly manifested in participants in varied forms. The outing to a different environment therefore, was a necessity to help participants relax and refresh themselves in readiness for next week’s marathon of meetings. The place ....
25.09.2022 02:57:27
photoFIC Congregational Conference, day 5.   Friday morning, September 23, 2022, delegates from various provinces, the members of the General Council, and the supporting staff gathered in the chapel of St. Louis Community to start the day with a communal prayer. The theme of our morning prayer was “Care for Creation”. Bro. Wim Luiten, the Superior of Religious House Netherlands who was the prayer master, invited us to join in the spirit with the “Season of Creation” which has been started on ....

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