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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

08.05.2021 01:08:05
photoA SESSION ON POPE FRANCIS’ ENCYCLICAL: FRATELLI TUTTI (By Bro. Gasper Kalisto FIC).   From the time that Pope Francis’ encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, came out on 4th October 2020, several people have been writing their reflections based on it. Some people also have been proposing on how best they can implement the ideas that our Pope suggested in his encyclical. The Provincial Council of Brothers FIC (Malawi Province) thought it wise to organize a session for the brothers in ....
03.05.2021 14:16:37
photoEASTER GATHERING (By Bro. Gasper Kalisto FIC) “Peace be with you!” Jesus greeted his disciples after his resurrection when he appeared to them in Jerusalem (Jn. 20:19). He did not only gave us peace, he sent us on a mission: ‘As the Father sent me, so I send you…’ (Jn. 20:21). This marked the beginning of missionary work in evangelization of the good news about the resurrection of Christ.   Every year we, Brothers FIC, gather together ....
26.04.2021 17:36:52
photoInformation General Council (IGC-April2021). Herewithwe present toyou the second issue of IGCin 2021,which will inform you about the following: * A reflection on our Apostolic Spirit (Constitutions article 20) * Workshops for FIC Co-workers in Ghana * The Schark 100 years * A Word of Gratitude * Special birthdays in the coming months
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26.04.2021 16:20:29
photoS P E C I A L B I R T H D A Y S. April 13 Heribertus Sumardjo B. (70) - Jakarta-Kembangan 22 Pascal Mtuwana (60) - National Education Secretary, Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Catholic Secretariat, Chimutu Rd-Area 11, P.O. Box 30384 Capital City, Lilongwe3, Malawi 25 Yohanes Sudaryono (60) - Yogyakarta-Senopati June 05 Bonifasius Kasmo (60) - Semarang-Dr.Sutomo 17 Gerard Hermans (90) - Maastricht-Bruss.str.Bernardus 25 Diomedes Marx (90) - Maastricht-Bruss.str.Bernardus July 09 Romualdus Suyono (70) - Semarang-Wisma Bernardus
23.04.2021 01:23:24
photoOn Earth Day, Pope Francis says the world is ‘at the limit’. By Hannah Brockhaus Vatican City, Apr 22, 2021 / 12:00 pm America/Denver (CNA). In a message marking Earth Day, Pope Francis urged world leaders to “act with courage, operate with justice, and always tell the truth to people,” so that the destruction of the planet can be prevented before it is too late. “The adversity we are experiencing with the pandemic, and which we already feel in climate change, must spur us, ....
19.04.2021 02:28:08
photoPemberkatan Bruderan St. Bernardus Deltamas. Pada tahun 2020 ini kita mulai proses pembangunan Bruderan St. Bernardus di Deltamas, Cikarang, Bekasi. Pada Berita Provinsi Februari 2020 dikabarkan bahwa proses pembangunan bruderan Deltamas segera dimulai. Maka panitia pembangunan bruderan mengundang partisipasi para bruder di Provinsi Indonesia dengan mengumpulkan uang solidaritas pembangunan di komunitas masing-masing. Dewan Umum sendiri telah mendukung pembangunan Bruderan St. Bernardus Deltamas dengan donasi sebesar €100.000.   Pembangunan rumah Bruderan St. Bernardus Deltamas dikerjakan oleh PT. Hidup ....
12.04.2021 22:18:10
photoDE SCHARK 100 JAAR.      Op 25 maart, het feest van Maria Boodschap, bestond ons Buitengoed De Schark precies 100 jaar. Op dit Mariafeest in 1921 legde broeder Bertholdus Klerks, algemene overste van onze congregatie, plechtig de eerste steen. geschiedenis In 1920 kocht onze congregatie een stuk terrein van ongeveer 15 hectare langs de Mergelweg in Maastricht. Het was een stuk schuin oplopende landbouwgrond, inclusief een stuk mergelwand (van de Sint Pietersberg), waarin al een groeve was, waaruit sedert eeuwen ....
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12.04.2021 14:35:21
photoYou gave us quality (Andreas Raymon Mudrig). On a sunny afternoon in mid August 1992, Brother Theodorus Suwariyanto FIC said to me, "Working and serving the Church is something that has become a necessity, but it is not enough. In a church environment as long as you willing to work you will definitely be appointed a leader, but it is not so out there. You have to prove ....

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