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The congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, living and working in Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Malawi and The Netherlands.(Five FIC Provinces)

The congregation was founded in 1840 in Maastricht, The Netherlands, by Rev. Louis Rutten, assisted in particular by brother Bernard Hoecken.

Maastricht is the home of our General Council.

Our official Latin name is: Congregatio Fratrum Immaculatae Conceptionis ( FIC) Beatae Mariae Virginis (Congregation of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

The five "provinces" of FIC


In this section of our website you find some information on the history of the congregation, and all the information concerning our addresses in the various countries. Mission of Brothers FIC: Mission in Indonesia, Mission in Chile, Mission in Malawi, and Mission in Ghana.


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