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FIC-magazine December 2014.

This is the second issue of the Congregational magazine
of the Brothers FIC. We sincerely thank those readers
who supported and encouraged us and further gave some
suggestions to improve the quality of the magazine. We are
open to your remarks and suggestions and we are committed
to making this magazine more and more interesting and closser
to you. We hope that this second issue will be more satisfying to
all our readers.
As a precursor to the 175th anniversary of the founding of the FIC
Congregation, we present to you this magazine with the theme:
“Keeping Alive the Spirit of Mission”. We would like to recognize
as well as appreciate the contributions of the fi rst missionaries
who were sent from The Netherlands to other countries like
Indonesia, Ghana, Chile, Malawi, Pakistan, Spain, Sierra Leone,
etc. We would like to re-emphsize that we still need to promote
our mission both domestically and internationally. This missionary
spirit was borne by the desire to spread the Good News of the
Kingdom of God through service to humanity. We hope that more
and more young people will be moved by the spirit to accomplish
the mission of Jesus by being good and doing good. Essentially,
we as Brothers FIC desire to keep the spirit of this mission alive
by promoting our internationality and solidarity among ourselves,
but also with the people arround us.
In this issue you will read about the spirit of the mission of the
Congregation, some experiences of the brothers who have done
their mission in other countries, profi les of brothers who are doing
their domestic apostolic works, and news from our provinces.
Here also information on the ongoing preparation for the 175th
anniversary our Congregation is provided by The Netherlands
province. We fully support the theme of the celebration in the
Dutch Province, “The Story Continues” or in Dutch “Het Verhaal
Gaat Verder”. The story of our Congregation continues, from The
Netherlands to Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Malawi and Timor Leste.
The Brothers FIC, associate members, co-workers, friends and
families continue to promote the values of the Congregation
among numerous people around the world.


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