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FIC Constitutions : MARY


Mary is our inspiration and our Patroness.

Mary is the Patron of our Congregation. We are happy to place our lives under her special protection.

We call ourselves Brothers of the Immaculate Conception (Fratres Immaculatae Conceptionis; F.I.C.).

Mary's life was completely consecrated to the service of her Son. She saw herself as a lowly handmaid, for whom God wrought his wonders.

In her Magnificat we taste her preference for the poor and needy, and the longing for justice and righteousness. She is the mother of all the faithful. Through all her doubts and uncertainties she remained faithful to her Son, even on to Calvary. That is why all generations call her blessed. She inspires us too: it is her example we wish to follow and we invoke her aid in our prayers.

The highest revelation of God's love is Jesus Christ. Mary, of all people, is joined with Jesus in the most intimate way. She is his mother and is called the mother of all the faithful. Our lives as brothers have been placed under her special protection. This will be evident in prayer and reflection. Her feasts, particularly the feast of her Immaculate Conception, are lovingly celebrated in our community. We contemplate her life and address her in our personal and communal prayer. Besides other prayers praying the Rosary is valuable. The ways in which brothers express their bond with Mary vary widely. It is, however, a characteristic of the Congregation, that every brother gives the Mother of the Lord an important place in his life.

As apostolic people we also desire to be inspired by her towards service and compassion with others, towards sensitive concern for human needs, towards a commitment to justice and righteousness. 9)

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