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My short reflection and prayer as an FIC Brother. The identity of the FIC Brother is rooted in the experience and the awareness on the presence of God who is Love. The prayerful lives of our Founder - Mgr. Ludovicus Rutten and Bro. Bernardus Hoecken - represent the awareness on the presence of God in their lives and works; God who is love and good colored their lives journey. The special experience of protection from the Immaculate Virgin Mary from the beginning of the Congregation and throughout the Congregation life afterwards encourage them to entrust the congregation and the entire Brothers under the special protection of Mother Mary. This close relationship with God who is Love and good and the special protection of Mother Mary has strengthened and encouraged Mgr. H. Rutten, Bro. Bernard and all the Brothers to go through the difficult time. I collect some short sayings in our Congregation that we are already familiar with into this short prayer. This prayer helps me to remember the presence of God who is Love and Good, the continuous protection of Mother Mary and the Founders Mgr. Rutten and Bro. Bernardus Hoecken, FIC in my daily life and mission as a Brother.

**** Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God who is Love and Good. Immaculate Mary, intercede our prayer. Mgr. Rutten and Bro. Bernard, pray for us. My whole life is for God and the people. Amen. ****

This prayer is inspired by the history of Mgr. Louis Rutten and Bro. Bernardus, our FIC Constitution and the life of the FIC Brothers as concluded in the research done by the Titus Branshma Institute, Netherland. We want to follow Mgr. Louis Rutten and Bro. Bernardus to be persons who believe in God who is Love and good and His Devine providence. We entrusted our lives and all the projects to the protection of Immaculate Mother Mary and dedicate all our lives for the people of our times. As we strive to continue the mission to dedicate my lives for God and the people entrusted to us today and in the future, this prayer should become the belief and identity as FIC Brothers, as FIC family members, and for those who work together with the Brothers, especially the teachers and the students in our schools.

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