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Perfect Virgin.

Perfect Virgin.
Perfect Virgin Mary, 
your perfect virgin life 
began with a miraculous virgin conception 
and a miraculous virgin birth. 
By virtue of your Divine Son Jesus Christ's perfect virginity, 
of which your perfect virginity is but an imitation,
from which your perfect virginity proceeds, 
grant chastity, modesty, and humility 
to us, who trust in your perfect virginity, 
and to the whole world.
"God desired 
that the Virginity of Mary, 
the Mother of Jesus Christ, 
be so perfect, complete, and all-encompassing 
that even the manner of her Immaculate Conception 
and her Holy Birth 
were required by God 
to be entirely Virginal, 
occurring solely and entirely by a miracle of God, 
and not in the usual way." 

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