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Claiming the Power of Jesus's Resurrection - A Prayer for Daily Breakthrough.

by Sheila Thomas.

We often begin the year seeking change and transformation, and by the time spring begins, many of us have completely forgotten about our quest for breakthrough.   Well, I would like to make a proposal to you – a proposal that guarantees breakthrough.   What is that proposal?  To die daily to self, and to claim Jesus’ resurrection power for your life daily.   

 God is a magnificent God.  He is always giving us chances and opportunities to begin again, not only during the beginning of every year, but also on the beginning of every day.   In God’s eyes, our sins of yesterday are in the past.  The mistakes of yesterday are in the past.   We come to such realization when we claim Jesus’ resurrection power each and every day of our lives.    

As soon as my eyes open, before my feet even hit the ground, well before my first cup of coffee, I want to be thanking God for his new mercies while claiming Jesus’ resurrection power for that particular day.   Thus, I have a prayer that I will pray daily every morning.    My prayer is a reminder that Jesus’  birth, life, death and resurrection were not in vain, and that dying daily to self is the ultimate expression of gratitude to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for dying on the cross for our sins.    I would like to share my prayer with you:

                Thank you God, for allowing me to wake up this beautiful morning and to experience a new day.   Thank you for not letting me waste this day with selfishness, laziness, greed, stupidity, negative thoughts and other sins.  Help me to make the best of this day, knowing that the blood that you shed already covers my life for this day.   Help me to use this day to move closer to your image and likeness and to become the person that you called and ordained me to be.

                Help me to use this day to practice holiness and purity that can be achieved when I die daily to my own thoughts, feelings and desires, and claim your resurrection power for my life.

                Help me to understand that your life, death and resurrection were not in vain.  Every time a negative thought begins to form in my mind, help me to instead, be grateful that you suffered unbearably, just for me.   That you suffered so that I did not have to, means I can give all my worries and cares to you, while at the same time, move forward, because of your resurrection power that brings dead things to life.   I claim your resurrection power on this day to cover my mind, body and soul, my health, my finances, my family, my friends and each and every area of our lives in Jesus’ name.      I understand that by claiming your resurrection power for my life daily, I am joyful, in Jesus’ name.   I have all my needs met, in Jesus’ name.   I am healthy, in Jesus’ name.  I am made whole, in Jesus’s name.   I am healed, delivered and set free, because I claim the power of your resurrection for my life daily, in Jesus’ name.

                Help me to remember this as long as I live – that each new day is an opportunity to recognize and claim the power of your resurrection.   Thank you in advance, God, for all things.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

 Sheila Thomas is editor and publisher of Prayer and Praise Magazine


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