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Chapter Logo and Chapter Prayer (General Chapter 2024)

Chapter logo

A brief explanation of the symbolism and significance of the chapter logo. The logo of the 36th FIC General Chapter is characterized by the representation of our collective synodal journey. The logo depicts the interconnection between "Mother Church" and our FIC congregation through two circles. The larger circle signifies the unwavering support provided by "Mother Church" in the pursuit of our mission. Within this unity, a dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, guiding us in our sacred vocation. The outstretched wings of the dove symbolize the inspiration and guidance bestowed upon us by the Spirit, underscoring its pivotal role in shaping our mission. This logo serves as a reminder that our endeavours are guided by a higher power, instilling in us the courage to transcend boundaries and embrace the influence of divine intervention. The symbol in the inner circle represents the values of "Communion" and "Participation," highlighting our dedication to unity and collaboration within the FIC congregation together with all our collaborators and "the people of God." As we embark on this chapter, let the logo inspire us with unwavering faith, a clear sense of purpose, and a shared responsibility towards our community. May the 36th FIC General Chapter serve as a testament to our collective journey, guided by the principles of tradition, spirituality, and the unifying force of the Holy Spirit. Together, let us embody the true essence of our calling, embracing the power of unity and active engagement in our sacred mission.




Loving God, As Brothers, we recognize the sacred connection of communion that unites us and calls us to actively participate in your holy mission, begun by your Son, Jesus Christ. Our journey through the 2024 FIC General Chapter process is a turning point in our shared commitment to your transformative work. Our humble submission places this Chapter process in your loving hands, seeking inspiration and divine guidance for all members. May the decision-making be informed by a deep feeling of communion, that our lives and those we serve are intertwined. Let your Spirit guide us to respond to the signs of the times in meaningful and innovative ways as we traverse life’s complexities. Lord Jesus, our Brother, pour your Spirit on the FIC General Chapter delegates, and let this conference revitalize our consecration and mission in the spirit of synodality. May the Holy Spirit inspire humility, confidence in God’s providence, joy, perseverance, and creative obedience to God’s will, in all who participate in this congregational exercise, all for God’s glory and the well-being of the poor and needy. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, your Mother and Patroness of our congregation, to help us on this precious pilgrimage. May her protection shield us throughout the Chapter. As brothers and messengers of love, we trust you, our everlasting Saviour, to guide us, now and forever. Msgr. Louis Rutten and Bro. Bernardus Hoecken: pray for us. Amen

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