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Report Sixth day the OASIS 2017, August 26.


The programme of the oasis encounter 2017 journeyed down to its sixth day on the Theme: I will take you away from among the nations.... gather you..... and bring you back to your own soil. The participants started the day with an inspiring prayer service led by Sr. Claudia.  The group spent the whole morning in a recollection of the week’s activities, that is, from Monday to Friday. The focus of the recollection was on reflecting and deepening what we earlier experienced and shared during the week. Collectively we concentrated on what had touched our lives, the challenges, joys and worries of our personal growth and development.

The events the past week were made up of a number of exercises.  The first two days of the week were spent on group dynamics and a recollection of our intentions of the oasis 2017. These exercises were aimed at bonding the participants and to get them closer to one another thereby breaking the ice that is usually characteristic of people meeting for the first time. During the last three days, participants engaged in sharing their life or love stories. This exercise evoked a lot of emotions, challenges and at the same time brought liberation, openness and support. All the participants  at the close of the day shared deeply about their live-journeys. The sharing also brought a lot of relief to most of the participants as some of the stories shared by brothers find expression in the lived experience of others brothers.  

Collectively, the participants spent this sixth day trying to become aware of how they feel, listen to their feelings and inner movement without judging. They were to feel what they feel and have the courage to see what it is. The participants were also invited to walk through the week by answering these questions: what has touched you? What has been important to you and us? Where do you experience resistance and what has been the difficulties for you and why?

We are grateful to God for the experiences and the quality time spent so far and continue to ask for God’s blessing, guidance and protection for the weeks ahead. We ended the day with a short prayer service at noon.


Bro. Gyeyir Felicio Timyang- FIC  

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