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Report on Oasis gathering, Wednesday, 4 October 2023 (By: Bro. Michael Sidharta)

Report on Oasis gathering, Wednesday, 4 October 2023

This morning, we had a deepening on the document: “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church” led by Bro. Raphael Besigrinee.

Today the OASIS participants were invited to recognize the nature of life of a Brother. We shared ideas and experiences about our life as religious brothers. This discussion on Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church is very important for us. Awareness of identity will help us to be grateful for the way of life we have chosen.

In the Catholic church, religious brothers are counted among lay people. Knowing this reality, Bro. Ge van Vught asked the OASIS participants a reflective question: what differentiates us (religious brothers) from non-religious or lay people?

Bro. Ge's question became an important point for discussion. It helped the participants to realize their identity and the nature of life as FIC religious brothers. Today we realized that we have to find our distinctiveness in our life as lay people. We realized that we have a special grace from God. This special grace we live in a special way of life. So fundamentally what differentiate us from our lay counterparts is our Brotherhood. We strive everyday to reach the ideal stated in our Constitution, in spite of our weaknesses.

One of our characteristics is the spirit of communion. As individuals from different backgrounds we try to live as real brothers, serving each other after the example of Jesus. We live the special grace of God in the life of communion. In living together as brothers in communion, we grow and develop the grace of God's vocation.

So, in this session we were invited to recognize the things that need to be considered in our life of communion, especially in our relationship among others. We were invited to appreciate the way we receive and communicate our spirit of communion. A good community life will help us make our life a blessing for others. Because of our spirit of communion, we can grow and develop as religious brothers. Because of our communion, we can also do our apostolic work well, and able to help many people around us.

In the condition of good communion, our way of life as FIC religious brothers can be a form of witness to the condition of the world that is losing its fraternity. In a selfish condition of life, the brothers' way of life becomes a gift and a beautiful sign of witness.

In the afternoon session, Bro. Michael Sidharta shared his reflection on Essential Reflection. The formulation of Essential Reflection is at the beginning of the FIC Constitution. From this Essential Reflection formulation, we can recognize the important elements in our life as FIC brothers. The presentation on Essential Reflection also inspired the things that an FIC brother needs if he wants to make his life a pilgrimage towards the sanctity of life.

The sanctity of life of an FIC brother can be nurtured and cultivated in the apostolic life and in the life of communion. To be able to experience this condition, the skills of reflection and discernment are necessary and important. Reflection skills will help the brothers find the context of their life and activities in the light of the Gospel. This is because the life of a brother is a form of life that is built on the way of life of Jesus Christ.

In the deepening session on Essential Reflection, OASIS participants were also invited to pay attention to the things that need to be done in order to realize good living conditions as FIC brothers. The participants were invited to pay attention to spiritual activities, the virtues of life such as a humble attitude for example. At the end of the afternoon session, the brothers were invited to realize the special role of Mary for the FIC Congregation.


Bro. Michael Sidharta

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