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Report Oasis; Friday 6 October 2023 (Prepared by: Bro. Ge)

Report Oasis; Friday 6 October 2023

And it became evening and morning, the fifth day…..

We all have the sensation that time flies especially now that we have come close to the end of our first week. On Sunday we will have a free day which gives us some time to relax.

I remember that during the preparation for the Oasis at home, somewhere in May, I discovered in the work documents very little information about the topic on our emotional and sexual development.  According to me a field that needs to be ploughed and needs to be sowed . Bro Theo had said earlier to me  that there would be ample time to tackle this theme, and indeed day 5 was completely dedicated to  “Growing towards psychological and spiritual maturity”. Bro Augustine professionally accompanied us by means of a Power point presentation. He went out of his way to present this subject to us, with questions coming from the participants, which he answered in a clear way.

Being the oldest participant, and also from Chile, I have now a clearer idea of the lack of information on the topic, and how we try to deal with our personal sexual development during all these years of apostolate.

Of course, all of us as religious were supposed to be mature human beings but it is more than clear that the history of our church and congregation shows clearly that in many cases we can detect many missing links, with very serious and sad consequences.

Our living together is very beautiful and we enjoy each other’s company, especially during the hour of recreation.  During this Oasis for instance, we are having a happy brotherly get-together.

Gé van Vugt

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