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Report OASIS Encounter, The Netherlands, on Monday September 11, 2017.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2017.


This morning, God gave us a brightly shining new day, with a temperature of 18 degrees Celcius. The day began with a morning prayer in the chapel led by Br. Johan Muijtjens. The theme of the day was God’s dream for us – for me. Saint Ireneus stated that the glory of God is the human being, fully alive. Br. Johan asked us to focus on God’s dream for each of us. In fact God’s dream is also our dream. Our dream for ourselves (personal) and for others. In my opinion, we must have a dream in all activities in life. By our dreams we can reach our ideal or goal. By our dreams we are motivated to do something.

After the morning prayer, we had breakfast as a routine to fill up our energy to tackle the day's activities. The first session was supposed to begin at 09.00 but there was a technical problem so we started rather at 09.20 and were led by Br. Johan Muijtjens. He showed us a video of beautiful pictures of nature and all kinds of creation. We were asked to be grateful for God’s gift of nature to us. This was backed by reading Psalm 8 about man as His prime creation. At the end of the session, in silence we looked at what we dreamt about and which goal we want to reach.

After being silent and finding our dreams, we shared our experiences with our partners. God’s dream is the one and only; as parents have dreams for their children to grow and develop. As said in John 10:10, we must live to the full. First of all, Jesus himself lived to the full. We reflected on 3 questions before break time. The questions are: What is now for me : living to the full?, What are my greatest challenges at this moment?, and What are these challenges telling me?

The second session began at 10:45 with the input on Being Brothers Today: A Prophetic Vocation. The message emphasized on "Being brother today" as stressed by Pope Francis in the document, "Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church". It is also stressed on articles 9 and 54 of our Constitutions.

There were some responses about the attitude of brothers in the social and political situation of our time. Religious may not get involved in politics directly. We can express our opinion on moral issues without directly entering into politics. We can do it by influencing and supporting politicians, public services, by adhering to Christian values and for the sake of the well being of hunanity.

We were given some reflective materials to help us deepen our Being Brothers Today. After lunch we proceeded with session three at 15.00h. After the personal reflection, participants got together in the meeting room for the fourth session. Br. Johan explained the meaning of the vocation religious brothers (and sisters) as compared to the vocation of priests.

We as brothers do not underestimate our own vocation. This led to a discussion about our vocation followed by sharing of views and experiences. The fourth session ended with a prayer service led by Bros. Wim Brands and Ton van Baren. Some highlights of the day include the following:

a. We must have dream as Jesus did.

b. The Brother's vocation as the number two is not helpful; Pope Francis says that the vocation of brothers, sisters, or priests are equal. 

c. A brother must be brave to develop himself for the prophecy and he can contribute to society as well as to the places where he is needed.

The day's activities endedwith the usual recreation together at 21.00h. 

Written by Br. Stefanus Ngadenan

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