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Report OASIS Encounter, on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

Report Oasis Encounter The Netherlands.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

Today, Tuesday 5 September 2017, there was an overcast over the city of Maastricht, with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. We, the OASIS participants strengthened our spirit of  togetherness through the morning prayer at 07.15 with the theme of "Deepening Spiritual Life". Taking the readings from the Gospel of Luke, brothers became more sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit within them. After some words of inspiration, Br. Johan invited us to present all challenges to the Holy Spirit. He said when we face challenges, difficulties, or have to let go something, we can still pray, "Your Will Be Done" as revealed in the Lord's prayer.

Sessions I and II were coordinated by  Br. Johan Muijtjens. He enlightened us about "Letting Grow-In Love". With this theme, OASIS participants were invited to increasingly admire God's work by looking at the events of daily life in a new perspective. With a new perspective, we increasingly find gratitude, creative inspiration, and will be embodied in creative work. There are some relational questions that have helped OASIS participants to find life-related experiences in the heartbeat.

"Messianic Creativity," an invitation to pay attention to the heartbeat, by looking at Jesus' example in the work of salvation. By  “Letting Go, Letting Be,  and Letting Grow”, as exemplified by Holy people like Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, or other figures in the scriptures has inspired our lives. Through his passion and resurrection, Jesus changed the "Messianic Creativity" in the disciples. Then, how is my heartbeat? Am I more open to the Spirit's movements? How do I realize my messianic creativity? These are questions that need to be explored further  through sharing with others to strengthen each other in our  growth.

In the afternoon during session III, participants had the opportunity to share about the reflection of inner movements. Some expressions of inner motion, among others; Br. Albertus, reveals that by observing the inner motion, being greeted by the Holy Spirit, experiencing redemption, love, humility, and "keeping in the heart" all things. Br. Gregory was impressed with the spirit of freedom, in the process of mutating assignments from one place to another. A few years ago, while experiencing a task in Borneo, facing the challenge of freedom, letting God work, and finally finding growth, gratitude, and happiness. Br. Severious experienced  growth in love in union with the Love of the Trinity. When faced with challenges, temptations and difficulties, remain faithful as a Brother FIC.

In the afternoon at 17.30 the activities of the day were brought to a  close with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist led by Br. Nico Coolen,  with inspirational readings from the Gospel of Luke (4: 31-37) This reading is about Jesus in the synagogue in Capernaum who cast out a demon. Br. Nico Coolen  invited the brothers to stick to the power of the Holy Spirit that brings renewal to life in the love of God.

By. Laurentius Edy Wahyudi

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