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One more Exercise and Some other practical matters.

To OASIS 2017 participants,

Dear Brothers,


Greetings! Hope all is well with you, getting readier for the coming OASIS 2017. Please, the followings are part of preparations you are to make:

1. Exercise: Writing a Love-Story
We hope that with the help of the exercises for the 1st and 2nd stages of the FIC Journey, you may have come to know yourself more intimately and deeply; have come to know the story of your life-journey in a more tangible way: the story of your relationships with yourself, with others and with God and His other creations; the story of your becoming the person, Christian and FIC religious that you are now with all its joys as well as challenges, with all its excitements as well as doubts, etc.

We would like you to put your life-story in writing. The story of your relationships and your becoming is your Love-Story, since we all know that God is Love.

Part of the program during the OASIS is sharing “Love-Stories” with fellow participants. You are then expected to share your love-story: some of your significant events of experiencing God’s Love; your response to the experience → the significant or determining impacts on your life journey. You may connect your “Love-Story” with your symbol and or the tree of your life; and see how your story is expressed or has taken shape in your symbol and or the tree of your life. The time allotted for each participant to share the story is about 15 to 20 minutes. We suggest you conclude the sharing with a song or a poet or a dance, etc. of your own choice. 


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