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Oasis Gathering 2017, Report first day 20 August.

Oasis Gathering 2017 Maastricht

Report first day 20 August

The Oasis gathering 2017 kick started at the Sisters of Charles Borromeo (CB) Community in Maastricht with a prayer service organized by the Oasis committee in the persons of Bros. Guido Sukarman, Theo Suwaryanto, Johan Muijtjens and Sr. Claudia Tinnert. Candles representing our provinces and religious House Netherlands were lid to signify the unity of purpose of the gathering. The presence of our founders was felt in their pictures being placed at the Alter in front. The reflective readings of the prayer service which visibly highlighted the themes of the four-week encounter, gave the participants a clear picture of what is ahead of them.

In his opening address, the General Superior, Bro. Martinus Handoko emphasized again the importance of this Oasis gathering as a "congregational movement which is supposed to bear abundant fruit for the persons involved and for the whole Congregation. The encounter is a way of continuing our religious formation. Our vocation requires us to continue developing ourselves spiritually. Through formal and informal interactions we also wish to receive and give mutual support, inspiration and encouragement".

He expressed his hope for the participants during these weeks of encounter "that you as participants are able to experience what I call the 5 R’s: Rest, Refresh, Rediscover and finally Renew or Regain energy of life. Jesus says to all of us: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest".

The opening prayer was attended by a number of FIC Brothers and friends of FIC from The Netherlands. At the time of starting this encounter, we were still expecting a participant from Malawi who was experiencing visa problems and another from Indonesia. Chile province did not send a representative due to their limited number and the fact that most of them have taken part in this spiritual journey the years before. 

The prayer service ended with the singing of "Salve Regina" in honour of our Mother Mary, after which all were invited for dinner. The brother-participants, who arrived four days earlier, felt relaxed and ready for the journey ahead of them. There was a friendly atmosphere among them in spite of the language barrier between some. They are all looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding encounter.  














By Bro. Raphael Besigrinee, General Council

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