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FIC Spiritual Journey Netherlands (Oasis Gathering)

FIC Spiritual Journey Netherlands (Oasis Gathering)

First day: Sunday, 1 October 2023

At 15:30 on this day, invited guests started arriving at the CB Sisters’ facility Onder de Bogen where the “Oasis gathering” as we call it, was scheduled to take place. The guests were made up of fellow brothers from the Religious House Netherlands (RHN), associated members and co-workers. We began with coffee and tea at 15:30. During the coffee, we introduced the participants of the Oasis gathering to the brothers of the RHN. Seven brothers came from Indonesia, three from Malawi and one from Chile. For obvious reasons, no brother from the RHN was able to take part in this program. The participants from Ghana had not yet arrived due to challenges getting their visas.

The official opening began with a Eucharistic celebration at 16:50 in the small chapel of the CB Sisters house complex “Önder de Bogen”. The Eucharist was led by Mgsr. Everard De Jong. He expressed admiration for the work of Brothers in general and the FIC in particular for their apostolate in the church. 

In his official opening address, the General Superior, Bro. Augustine Kubdaar, outlined the programme for the coming three weeks as follows: “In the first week, you (the Brothers) will be guided to understand more profoundly "our identity as human, Christian and as FIC Brothers." In the second and third weeks, you will reflect on "The Spirituality of our Founders and our core mission." You will have the opportunity to visit some historical sites of our Founders and fellow Brothers who have gone before us. The entire three-week-long program will be summed up in a composition of a personal covenant with God, and I pray you do so with hope, conviction, and trust.”  

Throwing more light on the theme of the spiritual journey "Called Together and Sent to be the Bearers of Good News in a Joyful Life", Bro. Augustine Kubdaar said in order to be "Bearers of the Good News" we must first have in-depth knowledge, experience and deep faith in the one God who calls and who sends us. 

The preparation for this “Oasis gathering” started last July in our provinces where the program was launched. It is made up of three phases, each involving a number of spiritual exercises. The “Oasis gathering” that is currently taking place here in Maastricht, is the second stage. The third consists of a follow-up exercises when they return to their provinces. The physical presence of participants at the cradle of the congregation brings them in close contact with the spirit of the Founders.

Dear Brothers and collaborators, at the beginning of this congregational spiritual exercise we ask for your continuous prayers that the participants may be deeply inspired by the Spirit of our Founders, and that we may all come to embrace their love and concern for human needs in our mission as FIC brothers. 


Raphael Besigrinee 

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