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TRACING THE STORY OF OUR BECOMING – continued. Contemplating on “your growth – what you have become so far”.

(First read through the whole exercise to have a complete idea about it)

  1. Become aware and recognize the PERSON THAT YOU ARE. You would agree that despite all the good qualities that you have, you are an imperfect being (FIC Const. 38); you, and all of us, are still on the way to becoming the person of God’s will.

  2. The PERSON THAT WE ARE is manifested in the way and manner of living, consisting of various habits that we are not always aware of: like spiritual / religious habits (habitual attitude and actions that bring our heart close to God), social habits (habitual attitude and actions in our interactions with others); our outlook, choices of reactions and response to certain events and things can be habitual too.

  3. Without analyzing and judging, become aware of the HABITS you have developed; the habits that you consider and/or experience as good (life-giving), as well as those that might be harming or hurting yourself and others.

Like the growth of a tree depends on the nourishment from the soil, water, sunlight and air, so also the growth (or becoming) of a person depends on various communities → on the experiences and learning from those communities: one’s family, one’s social circle, one’s cultural and faith community.

4. The following questions are meant to help you recall your life-stories, the story of the development of your habits, the story of your becoming. Try also to remember the feelings you experienced that time: joy, anger, passion, fear, love, pain, shame, guilt, etc. Take all the time you need to dwell with each of the helping questions. It is not necessary that you attend to all the questions in one go. The important thing is that you remember as much as possible and as clear as possible, early events / experiences in your life, and try to see how those events / experiences have somehow determined or contributed to your becoming the person as you are now. Re-affirm and be grateful for the events / experiences that have produced good (life-giving) habits in you; and re-value or unlearn the ones that might be harming or hurting yourself and others.

 -  Can you remember an early experience of receiving special attention or appreciation: like a special celebration for you, or a gift (in whatever form) given to you?

  • -  Experiences with your primary school teachers? Can you recall any of your early teachers, especially primary school, first or second grade? Did you get along with them? Did you ever have problems with one or more of them? What were your teachers like? Who stands out?

  • -  What kind of family recreations, relaxations or celebrations did your family do? Can you think of a special one? Special present? What do you remember?

  • -  What did you do at bedtime when you were little?

  • -  What was your usual mood as a child? Happy? Sad? Contented? Lonesome? Fearful?

    Insecure and nervous? Etc. Why?

  • -  Did you ever feel sorry for yourself? Lonely or rejected?

  • -  What were your brothers and sisters like? Did you get along with them? Why or why not?

  • -  Did your mother/father or the person(s) who are supposed to give you care, have much time to spend with you?

  • -  Did you always believe your parents or your care-giver? Can you think of the time when you argued with either of them? Or of a time when you realized they were not perfect or invincible?

  • -  Did you get spanked or punished much as a child? Why?

  • -  Could you “manipulate” your parents or your care-givers? How did you do?

  • -  What frightened you as a child? What was your “scariest” experience?

  • -  What were some of your most joyful experiences? Who and what were involved?

  • -  What were some of your most embarrassing experiences? Who and what were


5. It will be good to write down all that you remember.

Enjoy your exercise and wishing you God’s richest blessings! 

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