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Daily Report, FIC Journey Enrichment, August 24, 2017.



It’s cloudy today. The air in the room feels so warm, but it’s cooler outside. The OASIS participants began the activities of the day with an inspiring morning prayer led by Bro. Johan. The theme was: “God’s tremendous love for us”. Bro Johan invited the participants to open up ourselves to what has touched each one of us mostly in the psalm or scripture reading. We were then asked to reread Psalm 71 and say aloud a touching sentence from it. We repeated some sentences or words from the Psalm, e.g. “... for you have been my hope; from birth I have relied on you; my confidence since my youth... “ etc.


The morning prayer was immediately followed by breakfast. The activities of Day 4 began with the sharing of experiences of God’s love for us. The whole day was dedicated to the sharing of the following brothers: Isidore Nelson Aabeisie, Titus Totok Tri Nugroho, Laurentius Edy Wahyudi,  William Widodo Widjajanto, Felicio Timyang Gyeyir and Gregorius Suhadi. Each of these brothers ended his sharing by singing a song or reading a poem which expressed the meaning of the sharing. The other participants then expressed their appreciation in various ways to the presenters. This was mostly done in a written form. Each participant was given a sticky paper on which to write the comment, impression or support. This was then posted on the flip chart in front. A word of congratulations was given to each presenter at the end of the exercise.


As part of the Oasis gathering, participants are given the opportunity to have a personal interaction with one of the Oasis organizers as a way of spiritual accompaniment.


The sharing of experiences of God’s love ended with a Eucharist celebration in the evening led by Bro. Nico Coolen. The  eucharist was followed by dinner with “Dutch menu”. The day’s activities  ended with our usual recreation  at 21.00 during which we played some indoor games such as playing cards. We also had a lot of fun in attempting to speak Dutch. It was a day well spent.


By Stefanus Ngadenan

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