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A Report on the 14th of September, 2017.

A report on the 14th of September, 2017.

All too soon the oasis 2017 is gradually and steadily coming to an end. Today the 14th of September 2017 was the last but one day of this year’s oasis encounter. We started the day’s activities with an inspiring prayer service led by Bro. Johan Muijtijens, on the theme: Fruitful Intensive Commitment (FIC). In his short, but condensed introduction he indicated that the two days left for the Oasis encounter would be days of celebrations of our togetherness and God’s love for us.

After breakfast we gathered in the conference hall. Bro Johan Muijtijens and Sr. Claudia Theinert started the day’s presentations with a biblical text taken from the Prophet Ezekiel chapter 16. The focus of this text is God’s love. The input depicted the unfaithfulness of people against God’s forgiveness and His fidelity to the covenant with His people. It was a challenging and an encouraging story at the same time. The participants had a quiet time for a deeper personal reflection on the text. The essence of this exercise was to allow the text to communicate to us in a more personal way.

A short break was observed. After the break we went back to the conference hall for the next plenary session. The participants at this time were guided through the writing of the covenant which every participant is supposed to write during this stage of oasis encounter. The formula of the covenant was distributed to each participant to compose the covenant based on the individual goals set.

The participants went to the chapel at 12.00 pm for a reflective prayer led by Bro. Johan Muijtijens. He invited the participants to predispose themselves and allow our founders to speak to us in a personally way.  This reflective prayer was followed by lunch and siesta time.

In the afternoon we reconvened in the conference hall at 3.00 pm. prompt. The presentations took different dimension- mini recollections. This recollection was a time to remember and focus on what participants have received and experienced during the past three days and this morning. We spent this time in private looking back at these together with God and concentrate on what has touched each one of us. What we have received as an affirmation and a challenge. At the same time listening to our feeling and inner movement and have the courage to see what it is. We ended the afternoon recollections with a pilgrimage walk at 5.15pm.

The day’s activities came to a close with super and recreation at 6.00pm and 9.00pm respectively.                                                                              


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