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REPORT On Ongoing Congregational Conference, June 19, 2023 By Lawrence Sitima

REPORT On Ongoing Congregational Conference, June 19, 2023


By Lawrence Sitima


Monday, 19th June 2023, started as usual with a morning Prayer led by the leader of the Religious House, The Netherlands. The theme of the reflection was Loneliness and Connectedness- Being good and doing good.

The main reading of the reflection on the theme was FIC Constitutions # 116, Continuous Faithfulness. That is what we promise on the day of our profession; in good and bad times, we continue to trust in God’s guidance.

The morning sessions were dedicated to the 2018 General Chapter resolution 16 B, focusing our apostolic works on the most poor and needy. This was well facilitated by Bro. Raphael, on behalf of the General Council. The presenter started with a quote as shown below.

“So, long as laws exist which create Hells in the midst of civilization; so long as men are degraded, women ruined and children afraid; so long as there is ignorance, poverty and wretchedness on this earth, stories such as this one must be told”  by Victor Hugo.

The above quote highlights the various faces of poverty and needs that our fellow brothers and sisters face every other day in many forms around the world. 

Throughout the presentation, it was made clear that the willingness to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in need, is paramount. As leaders, and in our various provinces, the most poor and the needy should be our focus in the apostolic areas. The most important element I have learnt is how in our own situation, we can respond to the needs of those within our circles. Poverty wears many faces, it only takes a heart full of God’s love and providence to see it amongst us and in us.

The second session of the meeting was about the practical steps and various ways our brothers in the Indonesian FIC province have taken to focus their apostolates on the most poor and needy among their society in partnership with other well-wishers and organizations. I must say, this was touching and a good number of the participants have learned at least one or two ways through which they will improve on what they have been doing already.

The three Provincial Superiors and the leader of the Religious House, of the Netherlands, shared on how the resolution is responded to in their respective provinces.

The afternoon sessions were for the presentation of resolution 34 B, that is the Gift Policy, specifically on our option for the poor, and how it has been determined for the past years. It was emphasized that this is the very reason of our being religious brothers.  “The poor are our masters’.  The General Superior made an appeal to the leaders of the congregation to take this as their priority area because this is the very reason for our being brothers, to proclaim God’s kingdom in the whole of humanity. The last session was a presentation made by the leader of the Religious House of the Netherlands on the care for our elderly brothers. As we age, more care is required and it is therefore important for the young provinces to learn from our brothers in the Netherlands, especially what they have put in place for the care of our senior members in the Religious House. The celebration of the Eucharist marked the end of the day’s activities.


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