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REPORT NO. 10 Congregational Conference 2017. Chile, October 11, 2017.


Congregational Conference 2017.

Chile, October 11, 2017.


The last day of ConCon 2017. We opened our day with our morning prayer led by Bro. Diego from Chile Province. The theme of our morning prayer was “God’s Love Through Mary”. I personally got the inspiration from this certain part of the reflection on “Sketching Mary” by Jose Antonio Pagola, namely: “Mary, evangelizer. Mary offers us all God’s salvation, that comes in God’s own Son. That is his grand mission and service. According to this story, Mary evangelizes not only with her gestures and words, but because where she goes, she carries within her the person of Jesus and his Spirit. This is what’s essential in any evangelizing act.

The ConCon closed after the first morning session. There were three topics that we discussed during morning session: Any other Business, Resolutions ConCon 2017, Provincial Day. There were 7 points resolutions that we have made during our meeting. Some of the important things that come up from our meeting are for example: 1) All provinces and Religious House of The Netherlands continue to deepen the document of “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church; 2) Provinces continue to implement the resolution of the Formators’ meeting 2016 in Indonesia; 3) All provinces and Religious House of The Netherlands support the idea that the General Council continue to organize a spiritual enrichment program for the brothers at Congregational level; 4) Preparation of the General Chapter 2018; 5) The General Council is expected to prepare a training module on financial management for the candidates and juniors, as part of the formation program in the initial formation to build the basic attitude in dealing with the use and management of goods; etc.

Based on the evaluations we made, we were all satisfied or happy with the process and the resolutions of the meeting. The meeting went smoothly and the atmosphere among us was really showed the spirit of brotherhood. In connection with the accomodation, we felt satisfy. We thank to the brothers of Chile Province as a host of the meeting, who have done their best to prepare everything we need both of meeting and accomodation. We were all happy.

In the closing address, Bro. Martin Handoko, our General Superior, regarding to our ConCon, he said that I am fully aware that this conference is not meant to solve all the problems of the congregation. However through listening to the sharing of experiences of our fellow leaders, I hope we feel united in our struggle to live out our call, and at the same time are encouraged to continue finding the best way to help our brothers grow to be fully alive as a religious. I am also convinced that through out the conference we have been mutually giving and receiving supports, inspirations and encouragements in many aspects of religious lives.

We hope that we can realize and implement all the resolutions we have made in the coming years. We ask Lord to continue to lead and to guide us in accordance to spread out the Kingdom of God to the people surround and to our fellow brothers.

At the afternoon we had our Provincial Day. On this event we had the opportunity to meet with our fellow brothers in Chile and gave some information about our Congregational Conference including the sharing from the individual province on his mission. And we conclude our Provincial day with the barbeque time.

Theodorus Suwariyanto

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