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Report day 6 of Apostolic Congress, Salatiga-Indonesia, on 19th January 2018.

APOSTOLIC CONGRESS 14-27th January,2018


19th January,2018


The day started with a reflective prayer service by the Ghana FIC delegation. This was preceded by breakfast.


The topic for the day was The Challenge and change of the Church- Religious Life. This was facilitated by Mgr. Subiyanto, Bishop of Bandung.


The first part of his presentation mainly focused on the what he called The Situation of the world, where we find ourselves as Religious. Through his presentation, I felt being reminded again and again, about the situation of our world today where we as Religious are called upon to continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus through our apostolic missions. During his presentation, I began to realize how it is or might be difficult today to carry out the mission successfully and meaningful to those we are called to minister.


The Bishop emphasized the point that what we do in our apostolates is the mission of Jesus Christ entrusted to us by our congregation and /or province. It is a collaborative mission with our fellow Brothers, not us alone. It is the mission of Jesus Christ and that is why We are called together and sent out, the theme of the Apostolic Congress 2018. I am doing the work with fellow Brothers of my community, my congregation and therefore, it is important to constantly bear in mind that what I do is not for my own gratification or glorification, But for God’s glorification through my community, and therefore prayer, is important if we are to remain relevant in today’s where even Religious Men and Women and the Clergy strive for popularity and recognition and amassing wealth for personal gratification and glorification.


Through several video clips that depicts how I (we) Religious and the clergy are very much absorbed in the accumulation of financial and material wealth this present world offers for personal glorification at the expense of a fellow community member or a needy neighbor within our reach, but I (we) seem not to notice the cry of the others or by just being deaf to all what others suggest for the common good. Is this the reason our founders found our congregation?


By Lawrence Sitima

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