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Report day 4 on Congregational Conference 2017, Buin-Chile. (Wednesday 4, October 2017)

Report on Congregational Conference 2017, Wednesday, 4 October.

The day started underligt  awareness of “Brothers of one another” as a theme in the morning prayer. We had a reflection about brotherhood as writed on our constitution art 51. “ Every brother should be concerned with the happiness of his fellow brothers. The better we live up the apostolate at home, the better we shall together be able to spread happiness to the the outside world.”

The agenda of the fourth day of our Congregational Conference 2017  was about anual reports provinces. Each province gave report about the latest situation of the province such as; the initial formation (candidates),  the members of the province, the apostolate and community life, and  the progress of chapter resolution 2012. The anual province reports gave an overview the developmet of the province. There was the opportunity to give some remarks, to ask for some clarifications and to deepen together on certain matters of the reports. We supported and encouraged each others in order to serve our fellow  brothers in the better way. We gave some suggestions and inspirations each others. We experienced that this sharing enrich and encourage us on our doing service to the brothers and to the people. By this we took part on the dynamic of each province and the whole Congregation as well.  At the end we understood better one another and try to go forward of our journey our leadership function.

At the afternoon we did not have the common session. The General Council had a personal meeting with Provnicial Superior of Ghana Province. And we closed our day by the Eucharistic Celebration lead by the senior priest of SVD society. In the evening most of us took the opportunity to watch football match, Chile versus Equador.

By Frans Asisi Dwiyatno

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