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Report day 3 on Congregational Conference 2017, Buin-Chile (Tuesday3, October 2017)

Third day of CONCON 2017, tuesday October 3, 2017.


We continued reflecting on the document “Identity and Mission of Religious Brother in the Church”. The first session of the day was centered on  Brotherhood, the Gift we Share. After a presentation by Bro. Guido, participants went into individual recollection. He also provided some readings about community life: two Pastoral letters from Bro Buno van der Made, Circular letter on community life from Jose Maria Arnaiz, SM and a collection of quotes on community life compiled by Bro Maarten Bouw.

During the second session Bro. Theodorus  Suwaryanto presented the third part of the document named “Brotherhood, the Gift we Give away”, centered on the mission of the brothers in the Church. He provided other readings for individual study: The 21 most important quotes from Pope Francis’ sweeping Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium; Message from the Holy Father for World Mission Sunday 2017; Evangelization: the Way of Pope Francis, the Mission of the Church.

The third session was dovoted to share the reflections about the Gift to Share and the Gift to Give: Building community is a task for every brother, sharing quality of time with one another, paying an active role to improve the relationship into the community. The aim is to develope the experience of faith sharing life and always with the contemplative and attentive attitude of doing  what Jesus wants. The letters of Bro Bruno called the atention on the living together, working together and  praying together  make communities real communities od faith. These letters give us a good exercices to develop a good relationship with our fellow-brothers.

The participants agreed that a brother do the mission not to be recognized by people but to give significant witnesses to them. That they notice the happiness of the brothers. A question arised: Am I interested in paying attention enough to those in need? It means to develope an attitude of  listening to people, reflecting on daily events and contemplating the Word of God.

Finally, Bro Martinus recommended the provincials to continue studying, reflecting and deepening on the document in the respective provinces, involving all the brothers and candidates in formation.

Bro Diego Izquierdo.

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