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Report Apostolic Congress Salatiga-Indonesia, Friday 26 Januari 2018.

Report Apostolic Congress Salatiga-Indonesia, Friday 26 Januari 2018.


The theme of our morning prayer was “Love For His Brothers” led by Bros. Wim Luiten and Ton van Baaren from Religious House of The Netherlands. The messages of the morning prayer was taken from the “Rules of conducts: Bro Bernard Hoecken”, such as: Be a father and a mother, At the service your brothers, Love for your brothers, and Special concern for the sick, weak and older brothers.

Our morning session was “Community Life and Apostolic Works”. The participants were asked to deepen and reflect on the aspect of community life and apostolic works.

From the sharing we had, we realized that the three pillars of our lives as religious brothers are interdependence each other, namely: Community Life, Prayer, and Apostolic Works. After the sharing we had the opportunity to deepen on its together. Some important points rose from the deepening among others: To pay more attention and serving one another in the community; To promote our vocation base on community life; As a brother, living out our apostolic community means that we have to understand one another, appreciate, encourage and inspire one another. This community supports and inspires the individual brothers in their ministry. Our prayer life is marked by our apostolic motivation and our apostolic motivation is enriched by our prayer.

At the afternoon session, we discussed about points of the conclusion and proposals to the General Chapter 2018 facilitated by Bro. Martin Handoko. The conclusion are divided into four parts ; general, school apostolate, non-school apostolate, and also proposals to the General Chapter 2018. After having some comments, remarks, and suggestions, the Ad Hoc Committee will revise its and the following morning will discuss its on the first session. We also agreed upon that each province and religious house of the Netherlands had the task to make a draft of proposals we had.

We conclude our day by the eucharistic celebration led by Fr. Yam MSF.


By. G. Bambang Nugroho (Theodorus S.)

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