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Launching the new Congregational Logo.

Launching the new Congregational Logo.

The General Council is happy to announce to all brothers that the official logo of the Congregation is now ready for use. Resolution 33 of the General Chapter 2018 proposed that a new FIC logo designed by the Indonesia province be adopted as the official Congregational logo. After further discussion on this proposal during the Congregational Conference 2019, the General Council, with the help of the Provincial Council of Indonesia, started to work on the new logo. We are grateful to the Provincial Council of Indonesia and some individual brothers who played various roles in the finalization of this significant Congregational symbol. The logo comes in two sizes: small and medium (with a titanium chain). Brothers can make a choice between the two. In addition, each brother will receive a booklet that contains the letter of presentation by the General Superior, an explanation of the logo, and some prayers. We hope the official launching of the new Congregational logo would be done on our foundation day, 21st November, 2020 in each province and RHN.

Some of us are quite familiar with the cross-shaped logo that the Indonesia province initially designed, but there is something new about our new logo. First the circle on the Cross with two sides A and B, which hold symbols of the two previously used logos. On side A is the pentagon shield (a coat of arms), where you find three main objects, namely: the lily flower, the crown of thorns and twelve stars. Side B maintains the previous design which depicts an abstract picture of the abbreviation of the name of the Congregation: Fratres Immaculatæ Conceptionis, (FIC). All these symbols are explained in the booklet.

With these, we hope to keep alive our everlasting relationship with the brothers who have gone before us with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for their dedication and exemplary lives (see Const., art. 11). The new logo can easily be recognized by others as a clear Christian symbol, and we hope brothers can easily discover in it the main FIC values, and the reasons for living out our consecration as brothers in today's society.

With this new logo, our General Superior, Bro. Augustine Kubdaar, hopes it will contribute to a feeling of unity, mutual recognition and affirmation, and that all of us will be happy with it and like to use it. May this logo help us on our journey and growth as FIC brothers.

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