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Formators’ Meeting, Roncali Retreat House, Day 4 FIC (reported by Bro. Agustinus Faizal)

Formators’ Meeting, Roncali Retreat House, Day 4 FIC 

reported by Bro. Agustinus Faizal


Today is the 4th day of the Formators’ Meeting which has the theme “Formation for Consecrated Life” taking place in Roncalli-Salatiga. This day’s business began at 07.30 with a morning prayer led by Br. Blasius Supriyanto. Unlike the previous day, today's prayer began with the Congregational song. This song is very appropriate for the day’s presentation on the leadership and spirituality of our Founders.  



The Founders of our congregation, Msgr. Rutten and Br. Bernardus Hoecken are inseparable, and their life, work and leadership form a rich Spirituality of the congregation. Beginning with the history of the foundation of the congregation, Br. Johan Muijtjens traced the time and context before 1840, the social, economic and political situation at the time. He also enlightened us on Mgr. Rutten’s earlier work and vision for the congregation and ended with his famous “project”. He also took participants through the events that led to the formal beginning of the congregation in 1840, how the founder collaborated with Bro. Bernardus, the first superior of the community till their call to eternity. 


Bro. Johan invited participants to reflect deeply on the life and work of our founders, Mgr. Louis Rutten and Bro. Bernardus, especially their struggles at the beginning and how their reliance on God’s providence brought success to their work. Mgr. Rutten was truly a committed man, firm in his intentions and actions, and had great capacity to see what the needs at that time were. He had a great concern for the poor, the underprivileged and the many needy situations of his time . Until his hard times, Mgr. Rutten remained steadfast and faithful. Divine providence and protection of Mary became the spirit of his life. 


Mgr. Rutten loved, trusted and appreciated Bro. Bernardus very much. Although they sometimes had disagreements, they also complement each other and share the same vision. Bro. Bernard was the first brother of the FIC congregation. He paid special attention to the spiritual life of the congregation. Bro. Bernard was a man of deep faith and spirituality. He had the main value of believing in God, who is love. He believed that God was his protector and guide. For him, Our Lady was the patron of the congregation. He also had great interest in prayer life and the spiritual formation of the brothers.


After the presentation, a number of questions were posed. Participants were asked to reflect on the questions during the last session of the afternoon, and discuss in small groups. This is to  allow brothers to deepen their understanding of the Founder's virtues. Participants also shared their personal experiences of living out the founder's spirituality. We all felt enriched by the input and by the sharing of others.


The group discussions brought the day’s business to a conclusion. This was followed by the usual Eucharistic celebration.   

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