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FIC Congregational Conference 2022, WA-GHANA, Wednesday 21st September 2022. (Reported by: Bro. Frans Dwiyatno)

FIC Congregational Conference 2022, WA-GHANA, Wednesday 21st September 2022.

The third day of the congregational meeting began with morning prayer as usual. The theme of morning prayer was “the beauty community life”. The inspirational reading for meditation was taken from the Act of Apostles about “believers share their possession”. From the reading we get deep inspiration about the beauty of religious life in the community. Living in the community is marked by condition “one in heart and mind”. This means that everyone consciously, sincerely, and willingly gives up his egoism.

We called as a brother are directed toward the happiness our fellow brothers, firstly towards to those with whom we form a community. We are called to reform the community to be near one another, to be willing to understand one another, to appreciate, to be ready to forgive one another, courage, and inspire to one another. As brothers, we are one in mind and heart. 

In the morning session, Bro. Raphael gives introduction for discuss about resolution 19A: Deepening on community life, prayer, and apostolate. Bro. Raphael guides us to reflection the implementation of the resolution in community and also in our service.  Brothers and provincial councils have tried to implement that resolution in the daily life. There are many difficulties and challenges, but we believe that is the way of our consecrate in life. Every province has special way to carry out the resolution base on the condition and resources in the province.

The second morning session and whole afternoon session was for Ghana and Malawi report. Every province presenting the picture of their province based on data. The participants were greatly help to understand the development and struggle of the province to make the sustainable on the members and also for the apostolate. In general the problem of the province is about the lack of the members and the fund. Many projects for apostolate and community still on process. The impact of pandemic is not yet  over but all of us still remain persistent and faithful to the effort to maintain the religious identity  of the brothers both in community and apostolate. The promotion, initial-formation, and on-going formation are important issues to be followed up together.

From these report and discussion, we invited to reaffirm of our responsibility about common mission. We are unity in the mission. God be with us.

We close our day with the eucharistic prayer at 18.30 and followed by the supper at In Service Training Service. In the evening the General Council has an individual meeting with the Provincial Council of FIC Chile Province.

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