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Exposure to Pangudi Luhur Foundation Head Office in Semarang.

Exposure to Yayasan Pangudi Luhur Central Administration in Semarang.

Today, participants of the Apostolic Congress had another significant exposure - this time to the central administration of the YPL foundation in the city of Semarang.  This office complex is headed by the chief operation officer who oversees the recruitment, upgrading and welfare of teachers under the foundation. This administrative centre has secretarial, financial, ICT and infrastructural departments to ensure the smooth running of the centre. Situated in the same complex are three educational institutions, all under YPL foundation. These include Bernardus Kindergarten, Bernardus Primary School and Domenico Savio Primary/ Junior High Schools.

When we arrived by bus, it was raining. Nevertheless, all the pupils and teachers lined up outside their classrooms to welcome us. What is intersting was that the children were  waving miniature flags of each of the countries where FIC is working, amidst singing.  It was not possible to shake hands with all as we were led to the reception room which had just been newly constructed. Here we were made to sit together with the administrative staff and heads of some departments.

We were welcomed with a traditional dance group from the primary school after which  Brother Bambang, director of YPL, gave his word of welcome. He pointed out the founder of  Pangudi Luhur as Brother Leonardus in 1954 to carry out the FIC apostolic mission. He introduced his work team to the guests, while the guests (all participants of the Apostolic COngress) were introduced by the General Superior, Martinus Handoko. Then the director of Servatius Primary School shared his experiences of working with the FIC Brothers, how he integrated  the FIC mission with his life and work. He is identified with the mission especially now that he serves the children of the Servatius Gunung Brintik school.

It was then time to take a tour of the facilities of the three educational institutions. The guests were assisted by students who spoke the English language well. Many children and teachers were very excited about our visit. After this exiciting tour we went back to the hall for lunch. Three children sang for us beautifully while we ate. This was followed by a wonderful performance from a small boy of a story about seeking Jesus, and he acted perfectly.

Finally, on behalf of the guests, Bro. Diego gave a word appreciation to the staff for the impressive reception and exchange of gifts. But before we departed from there we had a final opportunity to watch another beautiful display on the school playground. Boys and girls of the marching group showed a musical artistic perfomance as they do for competitions. It was marvellous!

From YPL central administration, we paid a visit to a centre for the elderly called Wisma Lansia Harapan Asri. This care home is run by St. Aloysuius Brothers. The director explained to us how the centre is managed. The facility was a school before but due to lack of students, it was transformed into the present apostolate.  This apostolic exposure could be of help to FIC Brothers in the area of caring for the elderly.

We had had enough and by 17:00h we were back safely in Salatiga. We all felt very grateful to God for this exciting day. Even though we were tired we felt satisfied with the experience.

Diego Izquierdo, fic

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