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Daily Report Congregational Conference and Formators' Meeting 2016 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan, Indonesia.

ConCon and Formators’ meeting, Thursday 4 August 2016.
Before we started our morning prayer led by Bro. Wim Luiten, Bro. Martin gave a very sad news about the passing away of Bro. Nicolaus Prasadja, who live at Bernardus Community in Semarang. This very sad news strucked all of us especially for Indonesian brothers. The Funeral celebration and burial service will be the following day, Friday 5 August. We gave our deep condolences to our fellow brothers of Indonesia and pray that our late Bro. Nicolaus Prasadja rest in peace in heaven together with our God and intercede for us.
The theme of this morning prayer was “Jesus the living image of God”. We reflected some articles of our constitutions especially on “Becoming human”.  Bro. Wim Luiten and Bro. Johan proposed us to think of: “God is where you and I find our home. That is a still presence at the bottom of our hearts. There you and I experience that all is well. Though the world around does not look like it.”
On the first session of The Provincial Superiors and General Council meeting we focus on Financial Matter by Bro. Remy Nyukorong as a General Treasurer. He presented the first half year report of our finance in 2016. After the presentation some of us had the opportunity to give some remarks, suggestions, ask for more clarification, etc. It was clear that we should pay attention more on our investments and how to manage our finance in a better way.
Bro. Theo Riyanto presented his or General Council idea on “Towards Self- Reliance”. This topic actually the continuation of one of the resolutions of General Conference 2016 in Wa, Ghana. We hope that gradually our provinces can build “Self-Reliance” and we encouraged   all provinces (except The Netherlands Province) to generate local income, while we put our faith in the providence of God.
The third session we dedicated our time to shared about the evaluation, remarks, and suggestions about the program of “FIC Journey”. Bro. Guido facilitated this session. We were happy with the program of “FIC Journey” especially during the “OASIS”. We want to make a program better according to the evaluation especially the stages after the OASIS. Bro. Guido gave the ideas about “Possible Program Activities of the FIC Journey to Spiritual Enrichment After the OASIS”.
We had some time on the third session and then Bro. Martin Handoko took that time to give some information and any other business. Some of any other business such as: The date of our Con-Con 2017 in Chile; The agenda for the following day in connection with the funeral celebration of the Bro. Nicolaus; The program of “Provincial Day” on Saturday 6 August, etc.
And we closed our day with the Eucharistic celebration prepared by The Netherlands delegation. We thank God that our day went well and our discussion produced some of very meaningful and important decisions.
Reported by Theo Riyanto.

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