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Daily Report Congregational Conference and Formators' Meeting 2016 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan, Indonesia.

A write up on Formators Meeting 03/08/16
The day's business started at about 8:25am in the conference room. As usual, an opening prayer was given by Bro. Patricip Guentelican Perez from Chile Province. The chairman of the meeting (Bro. Raphael Besigrenee) invited membersof the groups formed the previous day to present to the house their unfinished compilation of the FIC curriculum from existing documents given them earlier on. After the house had gone through the work presented by the group secretaries, some few amendments were made and the group secretaries asked to compile all into one document.
Another group work was given to the same groupings to come out with a document on the fundamental areas for formation in the FIC congregation. This was done in the first session and the report presented at plenum during the second session at 4:00pm.
When the two groups finished presenting their compilations on the above subject, the two secretaries to the groups were again asked to collate all the reports into a single document for presentation to the general council as indicated earlier. The day's activities came to a close with mass service in the chapel led by Rev Fr. Peter and a supper at 7:30pm where delicious meal, pastries and fruits of various tastes and descriptions were served. Indeed, every one eat to his feel and some left over that could fill several food containers.
By Bro. Kuu-Ireme S. Godwin (FIC)

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