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Daily Report Congregational Conference and Formators' Meeting 2016 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan, Indonesia.

Experience Following the Con-con and Formators Meeting.
Today the sun shines brightly and fresh air blowing cool created special  atmosphere of the meeting. Today we entered the 9th day of Con-con and formators meeting. At 07.00 a.m. the participants recited  a morning prayer. Morning Prayer led by brothers from Malawi, brother Stanslao Finye and brother Thomas. Th  song "Morning has Broken" opened the morning prayers.
It was very touching song that reminded  of my childhood when the song was first introduced in in the yunior high school.  After the morning prayer, it  followed with breakfast.  The atmosphere of the breakfast was so very familiar among the brothers. Sense of family and nearness was so real. Although we had limited  language  but we  were enthusiastic to share stories. They often told about the food, the weather, the state of the community and sometimes political problems. For me yahh ... everything its  ok as far as we are be able to enjoy togetherness in differences.
Starting today, formator’s meeting is quiet different, the participants were divided into two major groups. The first group was between the General Council and provincial superior. The second group of formators themselves. 
The formators were divided into two groups to disusse the document of the Core Curriculum of the FIC. The first group’s member were Bro  Johan Muijtjen, Bro. Yohanes Bosco Purwanto, Bro. Alpatio kog, Bro. Robertus Kuncoro, Bro. Gotwin Saabakone, and Bro. Thomas Edison. The second groups consisted of Bro. Patricio, Bro.Sidharta, Bro. Wensislaus, Bro. Felicio, Bro. Stanslao Finye, and Bro. Valentinus. The meeting  led by Brother Raphael from  Ghana as a member of the General Council. 
The discussion on  "Sketch of FIC Core Curriculum" focused on the following question. The first question was to answer what kind of brother we want our candidat to be eventually; what values we want our candidates to uphold as brothers And what  basic attitudes we want them to develop during formations.
We discussed it in small groups and presented in the afternoon session. In the small group the discussion went smoothly and quick.  I guessed it because the participants were familiar with the materials and practice in the field as formators. The discussion of the questions continued in the next day.
The day closed with Holy Mass led by Fr. Andre, MSF and continued with dinner together. I felt really happy   because I had  new experiences.
Bro. Robertus koencoro, FIC

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