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Daily Report Congregational Conference and Formators' Meeting 2016 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan, Indonesia.

Report, Monday, 1 August 2016
Con-Con and Formators’ meeting – Bandungan, Indonesia.
Morning has broken! We begin our day to day life and activities by  a silence morning prayer; relfection on our journey, our vocation from initial formation and become an FIC Brother. Life is a journey- Formation is continuing and as a journey we find some moments of joy and happiness but also challenges and difficulties. There were three balloon represented the Brothers. The pink balloon filled with oxygen and the second balloon (yellow) fill with money and other things. When those two balloon facing the challenge (put on fire) its can not survive. Only the blue balloon represented the third Brother is survived when it put into fire because it filled with water. Why? And which balloon am I? Good to meditate about our life, our formation and our vocations. After morning prayer which energizing our spiritual life, we continue with breakfast as usual.
At 08.30 all the participants, Con-Con and Formators’ came together in the Hall for the last day join meeting between Con-Con and the formators. I say the last day because tomorrow will be separate meeting. On the first session Bro. Martin Handoko gave us  an introduction to counseling or spiritual direction. He explained about the difference between counseling and spiritual direction. He also mentioned about the most important tasks of a formator is to accompany candidates to grow to be a mature person: physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually. The very common way of helping the candidate is among others by having personal meeting/conversation/encounter with him.

On the second session Bro. Raphael facilitated us to deepen on basic skills in Counselling. Especially he explained about the skills needed in counselling. Several skills are needed in a one-to-one counselling session, such as: Attitudinal skills, listening skills, communication skills, and giving leads. All participants were satisfied with his presentation.
In the afternoon at 4 o’clock – Bro Johan shared with us about the Art of Spiritual guidance. He gave us an input to understand well what is Spiritual Direction or Spiritual guidance. He did very well explanation and help us to know our duty or to do the work in our ministry to accompany the formiees in their journey towards God or Jesus. To know our task and role of Spiritual guidance is very important.
From this session we realized that task of spiritual guide is first of all to be companion to guide the person.
To day everything went well. As ussual we concluded our day with eucharistic celebration based on the day prepared by Malawi delegation.
reported by Bro. Thomas Edison (Malawi Province)

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