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Daily Report Congregational Conference and Formators' Meeting 2016 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan, Indonesia.

Report no.6 (day sixth of ConCon and Formators' Meeting 2016).
Friday, July 30, 2016 Bandungan Indonesia.
The meeting of today about formation began with a morning prayer and the theme was “Guide me Lord, along the everlasting way”, centred in the figure od Martha and Mary. The priority of the relationship with Jesus is to listen to Him to be his disciple.
The reflection of the assembly focused  in the analysis of the reflective documents on the FIC Constitutions. The General Chapter 2012 asked the General Council to  explore ways of formulating a reflective document that will help enrich our understanding of our constitutions (proposal 10A).
A working committee worked with a specific methodology since January 2015 to come to a reflective document of each article of the Constitutions.
During the General Conference 2015 in Ghana the writtings of the 5 articles of each Chapter were presented to the Conference. It was asked to continue the work with the next 5 articles or more.
With the remarks of the Conference the committee revised the writtings and the structural composition to unify the essential points of the content.
Only the works of Ghana (chapter 2 ), Malawi (chapter 3 )and the Netherlands (chapter 5) were presented to be revised personally and group provinces. 
Indonesia (chapter 1) and Chile (chapter 4) should finish the work of the reflective documents. 
In the plenary the assembly apreciated the great work done of the writters. We give thanks to brothers Patrick Bineh, Martin Daryo y Johan Muitjens. These works are helpful for brothers in general, formators and candidates, eventhough the different presentations such the style, the structure, language and the length of the documents.
Some suggestions were held for each work:
To take in mind the objective of this work that is meant for the job of formators and the understanding of the formees; to be consistent in the structure of the documents; to put questions at the end of the articles for reflection, as Ghana did; the final check of the writtings should be done for only one person.
Two of the present writters, brother Johan Muijtjens and Martin Dariyo,  could explain how they worked. They commended to take in account the teaching of the Church, as well to consider the background of the writters and the readers that most of them are from the South hemisphere.
At the end, Bro Martin Handoko allowed to use  the presented work from now on for reflection or formation, because there are precious findings in the three documents.
Bro Martin gave a free afternoon for the delegations, meanwhile the General Council would meet with Ghana Province.
Reported by: Bro Diego I. (Chile Province)

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