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Congregational Conference 2023, Salatiga-Indonesia (14th June)

Congregational Conference 2023, Salatiga-Indonesia (14th June)


The morning prayers were led by the Ghanaian delegate, Bro. Seregeous Dery. The theme of this service was:” Living in accord with the Spirit of our Founders and protecting their heritage (Const. art. 9 and 10).”  In his introduction, he said:” Our Founders were committed people filled with the spirit of Jesus, his person, and message. They sensed a vocation and the need to spread the good news. They left for our values and traditions, which have over the past 183 years served as guidelines in protecting their heritage.” In this way, the second day was well started!


On the program for this morning, a Jesuit Priest, Fr. Effendy, was invited. He presented us with a reflection on the topic:” The Gift of Fidelity and The Joy of Perseverance” at the request of the General Council. This document from the Congregation for the Religious in Rome was the basis for this reflection.


I highlight a few points which struck me from this broad elaborate reflection. The effects of the internet or social media have on people, especially our young generation. This media had advantages but also many disadvantages. For this last part, we have to protect the young and unmatured brains. In this, parents and educators like our congregation with their many schools bear a great responsibility to guide their pupils/students in order they may benefit from this media and develop as people who can think for themselves. Not addicted and wrongly influenced by social media. 


This wrong influence and addiction may have strong effects on the general decline of vocations. Possible candidates, young people, maybe wrought up by too much information and influencers they may develop difficulties concentrating and committing themselves to a lifelong community in fidelity and perseverance.


Another thing that is very important in maintaining our vocation is what we call “Memoria Dei.” To know and to remember God’s actions in our lives. The vocation story is meant to stand on the ground of our being religious, brothers FIC. Memoria Dei helps us to be persevering and faithful. 


This place is too small to describe what this interesting reflection gave us. 


In the afternoon, we reflected on this personally and closed the day with group sharing. In our eucharistic celebration, after this, we offered all to God. We asked for wisdom and insight. It was a day well spent.


Reported by: Bro. Wim Luiten

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