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Today, Thursday, 29Th September, 2022, we celebrated the feast of Ss. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Archangels). Today also marked the 9Th Day of ConCon, 2022. The day was generally good. Clear and sunny weather without rain compared with the preceding days. 

As usual, we started the day first with a prayer service under the theme “How do I live my Community life”. The prayer leader, Br. Lawrence Patrick Sitima - Provincial Superior of Malawi Province, gave an inspiring introduction. Two articles of our Constitutions were used to aid our reflection. Articles 38 which talks about our imperfectness as humans amidst which we strive to live up to the ideals that cement communal living. Article 44 on the other hand, highlighted the demands of community living, the supplementary responsibilities we all have towards each other in community building efforts.


After the Morning Prayer and breakfast, participants gather in the Conference Hall at 9:00am for comment of the day’s business namely: FIC Magazine and website, Any Other Business (AOB) and the Way forward. 

The discussion on FIC Magazine and website was introduced by Br. Theodorus Suwaryanto. He highlighted the objectives for the FIC magazine and website, their structure and what goes into them as content. Through these medium of communication, the General Council (GC) promotes our unity in diversity by encouraging effective and affective communication through the different kinds of media such as: the International FIC Magazine, FIC Web-site, Facebook and Information General Council. As religious it is important that, we stimulate faith communication among ourselves and with people we come in to contact with. It was the view of all that we not only maintain the FIC magazine and website and other forms communication within the congregation but should seek to find ways to improve on their quality and content with a view to maximising patronage and impact on our lives and society. There is the need to have contact persons from each Province to provide the needed information timely for publication on the website. Some other resolutions were agreed upon at the end of the discussion.


Two new sample FIC stamps were proposed by the GC to the house for consideration during A.O.B. Br. Valentinus Daru who introduced the subject, explained that, as the case is now, each Province including the Religious House – Netherlands (RHN) and the GC all use different Logos on their letter heads and official stamps, hence the need for some uniformities. The discussions that followed therefore, allowed the house to decide on a common stamp that reflects our congregational symbols and current Logo. One of the two sample stamps presented was accepted with some suggestions for modifications. The only difference in feature on the new stamp for each Province when completed, will be the name of the Provinces. Same will be the case for the RHN and the GC.


As a way forward in wrapping up the day’s sessions, a summary of the resolutions arrived at during the entire ConCon, 2022 period so far, were presented, critiqued and accepted. 

The day was concluded with a Eucharistic celebration at 6:30pm to mark the feast of Ss. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Archangels). 


In general, I conclude by saying that, it was a day well spent. All our deliberations were successful and thank God for the day’s achievements.

By Br. Seregeous Dery, FIC.

29Th September, 2022

Wa. Ghana.   

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