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CONCON- 2022 GHANA, 19/09/2022 By Lawrence Sitima.

CONCON- 2022 GHANA, 19/09/2022

By Lawrence Sitima.


The day started with a Prayer Service led by Bros. Lucio and Javier, a delegation of the Chilean Provincial Council.  The theme of the prayer services was on BROTHERS OF ONE ANOTHER. The centrality of the prayer was that we are a family of fellow brothers, called upon to walk together, share our experiences in the spirit of our founders. Through the prayers, we also joined the people of Chile as they continue to celebrate their Independence Day today.

The first part of the first session was dedicated to sharing of personal feelings and hopes as participants of the ConCon 2022.

            A random sampling of the feelings and hopes expressed were as follows:

  • Our gathering enhances the internationality of our congregation
  • A feeling of togetherness as members of one congregation.
  • An opportunity to share our feelings and experiences with one another and learning from one another
  • A feeling of connection to one another as Brothers FIC
  • Challenges in processing visa and feelings of anxiety and insecurity leaving home.
  • The physical presence of the leadership of the congregation from across the globe gives a feeling of togetherness as brothers of one congregation despite our diverse cultural backgrounds.


After the sharing of the experiences, Brother Remy, facilitator of our recollection which had PRAYER AS A SOURCE OF OUR COMMUNITY LIVING AND APOSTOLATE was given time to introduce the theme. It is derived from our 35th General Chapter (2018) resolution 19A: ‘The Deepening of Community Living, Prayer and Apostolate’.  

As introduction, Bro. Remy, reflectively and thoughtfully engaged the participants on the importance of contemplative prayer as religious brothers.  

The recollection paper stressed on the importance of cultivating a spirit of regular discernment, if our consecration is to remain relevant in todays’ world.

Through some practical questions the paper raises, I can recognize the areas I still should cultivate in myself, so that faithful prayer, be a source of strength and support to my community living and apostolate. 

The afternoon sessions were dedicated to individual further reflection and group sharing, where the participants were put in two groups and shared their thoughts and feelings on their life as religious brothers and their experiences on Prayer, community living and apostolate. I felt both enriched by the recollection material and at same time challenged on how I can cultivate a disciplined life of prayer. We marked the end of the day’s reflections with the celebration of the Eucharist.

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