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Words of Condolence: Bro. Henk van Lieshout (From General Superior FIC)

To the members of the BRH and Team FIC
Dear Brothers and Associates,
Words of Condolence: Bro. Henk van Lieshout
I am still shocked about the sad news of the death of Bro. Henk van Lieshout. Per my
human calculation, he was still energetic and “full of life.” My prayer and hope had been
that he would live longer than the 5th of February, 2022. However, by the Ultimate divine
plan of God, it is time to call His servant Bro. Henk home to rest.
We are sad and mourning him. Our physical touch and daily relationship have ended
abruptly. We will miss his being an inspiring and dedicated brother; a brother whose being
and services promote the growth of our spiritual, material, and brotherhood. However, it
is also time to “let him go”. “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be
the name of the LORD” (Job 1:21). We thank God for the gift of our Brother to his family
and to us.
I write to express my deepest condolence to all the brothers in the Religious House
Netherlands (RHN). In particular, I extend the same condolence to the family of the late
Bro. Henk van Lieshout, the Team FIC and the leadership of the RHN. And I do this on
my behalf and that of the General Council.
May the noble soul of our Bro. Henk rest in peace!
Bro. Augustine Kubdaar
(Superior General FIC)

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