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The Time After Pentecost

The Acts of the Apostles tell us that people flocked together at the place where Jesus’
disciples were gathered. Each of them heard the disciples speak in his/her own language.
Jesus’ disciples were convinced that, after receiving the Spirit, they had the mission to preach
and to practice the liberating message of Jesus’ words and deeds.
Pope Francis admonishes us that we should realize the joy of the Gospel, that Good News for
the poor, in our own lives.
Following the example of Mgr Rutten and Bro Bernardus our own growth towards the
Kingdom of God starts with propagating that message. The gospels join seamlessly with the
care the God of Israel has for the poor, the orphan, the widow and the stranger in our midst.
It is a challenging message for people who are standing in the middle of life. Our means and
possibilities are becoming scarce. On the one side there is the government’s policy that wishes
to put the care for elderly more and more with those who are directly involved, family,
acquaintances, communities. On the other hand we are becoming the receivers of that help
ourselves, because we have become more and more dependent of care.
We may experience this help of others as a richness. After a life of giving we enter more and
more into a stage of receiving. The latter is more difficult than the former. We may indeed
experience that the help we ask for is given with pleasure, although we find it sometimes
difficult to accept.
Nevertheless in our life stage the inspiration of the Spirit is working. Jesus’ disciples received
that Spirit to accomplish great deeds. To us applies, that receiving with all our heart is a great
deed that demand openness.
In Acts 2:17 is written among others: “I will pour out my Spirit on everyone. Your young men
will see visions, and your old men will have dreams.”
The richness of a life lived is worth of sharing and life-wisdom does not ask for keeping for
oneself but for sharing with others. As Proverbs 2:1 and following verses say: “Learn what I
teach you, my son, and never forget what I tell to you. For the Lord gives wisdom, from Him
come knowledge ans understanding.”
Sharing the most precious things in our lives is sharing our wisdom.
Bro. Kees Gordijn

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