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The Red Lion Foundation (Stichting In de Rooden Leeuw).

The Red Lion Foundation (Stichting In de Rooden Leeuw).
Historical Roots.
Founded in 1840 by the Congregation of the brothers of the Immaculate Conception, FIC (Fratres Immaculatae Conceptionis), or better known perhaps as the Brothers of Maastricht, the Red Lion refers to the plaque on the house where it all began… To put an end to the cycle of poverty the Brothers of Maastricht started various educational and healthcare projects in this very building. Thus providing Maastricht’s less fortunate with an overall brighter future.
Strategy of Empowerment
In the 21st century the Red Lion Foundation helps those who are socially isolated due to a wide variety of causes such as the loss of a lifelong partner, divorce, unemployment, physical or mental problems. The activities of the Red Lion Foundation range from walk-ins, communal dinner programs to Zen meditation and writing the story/stories of your own life. What all activities have in common are the elements of encounter (ontmoeting) and meaning (zingeving). By providing them with a safe environment, personal attention and the opportunity to participate either as a volunteer or as a guest/participant, the Red Lion helps people reduce their problems due to social isolation as they gradually again become empowered, increasing their individual spiritual, social or economical strength and developing confidence in their own abilities.
The Red Lion Foundation is a volunteer based organization. Currently over 40 (2013) volunteers offer their expertise, energy and time.
Mission Statement
To reduce feelings of loneliness and to increase the self respect of individuals as well as groups of people whose problems aren’t being addressed by other (public) health and welfare organisations. The objective in view is to increase their ability to manage and thus  participate more easily in society at large.
Vision Statement
We are committed to the following values in the work that we do, the services we provide and our interactions with guests, participants and volunteers: Respect for each other, Creating a safe environment, Personal warmth and attention.
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