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Foundation Day FIC 2022: 21 November.

Foundation Day FIC 2022: 21 November.


Dear Brothers and Sisters

All welcome to the celebration of the 182nd anniversary of our Congregation. 

We have the painted portrait of our founder Msgr. Ludovicus Rutten brought in. Some time ago, the 160-year-old string with which it was hung on the wall of our board house broke and the painting was seriously damaged by the fall to the floor.

After much deliberation due to the considerable costs, we finally decided to have it restored. Mainly because of the damage to the portrait and the frame. There was a hole in the canvas just below the Founder’s eye, there were clearly visible scratches and stains, the old varnish had yellowed, and the frame was damaged. It is the only personal portrait of the Founder from his heritage, when he received the honorary title of monsignor in 1861. It is therefore a precious reminder of this man who meant so much to our Congregation and to Maastricht.

After the expert restoration, the portrait now looks beautiful and fresh again. With this we show our gratitude and continue to remember him with affection.

In this way, a beautiful joint painting has also been created among us brothers FIC in the past 182 years that we are a Congregation together. A painting of commitment and devotion to our mission as brothers FIC: a dedication that started with our co-founder brother Bernardus Hoecken and has been further shaped by all our brothers over the past 182 years.

We are grateful to all our confreres who have gone before us. And to those who are still fully committed to the ideals for which our Congregation was founded in 1840. Now, mainly continued in the other provinces such as Indonesia, Chile, Malawi and Ghana. The painting is not yet finished and fortunately young people are joining the group who want to contribute to the beauty of this painting. No longer here in the Netherlands, but we remain committed to our ideals in care and attention for each other and where possible also for others. Together we try to give shape to the tasks of the Religious House of the Netherlands as well as possible. We are grateful for that and ask the Lord to stay close to us and each other in the years that we may grow older together.


By: Bro. Wim Luiten

The Superior of Religious House of the Netherlands

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