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Disease of Bro. Aufridus Soudant FIC

Dear Brothers, 
It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Bro. Aufridus Soudant, who died on December 25, 2022.
The mourning card reads as follows:
Congregation of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, “Guide us through life, O Star of the sea.” You have been good to me, Therefore I rejoice, For You have seen my afflictions, You have attended to my need" (Psalm 31:8)

Herewith we let you know that a loyal family member and faithful fellow-brother has passed away from us:
Joseph Wilhelmus Hubertus
Sjef was born on April 9, 1924 in Gronsveld (nearby Maastricht). He took his first vows in the FIC Congregation on August 15, 1945 in Maastricht. On 25 December 2022 he died in the Residential Care Centre De Beyart in Maastricht.
Sincere service was central to Sjef's long life. After his profession he worked in Nijmegen for a short time. After that he devoted himself to the care of sick and elderly fellow brothers in Maastricht. He took care of the 'infirmary' in the boarding house St. Louis in Amersfoort.In 1975 he returned to De Beyart to provide nursing care for brothers in the Lidwina pavilion. From 1987 to 2013 he performed the task of sexton in the chapel of De Beyart in an exemplary way.
His life was marked by fiery loyalty to Our Lady, Star of the Sea, who comforted and encouraged him in his life's journey.
We say goodbye to Bro. Sjef in the private Eucharistic celebration that will take place on Friday 30 December 2022 at 2.30 pm in 'his' chapel of De Beyart. After this celebration we lay Sjef to rest at the cemetery of the brothers near the Anjoulaan in Maastricht.
On behalf of the family:
Fam. Dolmans-Soudant
On behalf of the Congregation FIC and the Bernardus community:
Brother Wim Luiten, superior
May he rest in perfect peace.

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