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Disease Bro. Paul Marx FIC.

Dear Brothers,
It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Bro. Paul Marx, who died on May 23, 2022.
The text of the mourning card reads as follows:

"     Congregation of the Brothers of the Immaculate Conception of Mary


"Simplicity is the hallmark of the authentic"


We have to inform you that we have had to say goodbye to our family member and good fellow brother 



Brother Paul Marx FIC 

Paul Rosa Nicholas 


Paul was born on June 25, 1931 in Hasselt (Belgium). 

At his profession with the Brothers FIC on August 15, 1951, he took the name Diomedes. 

He passed away on 23 May 2022 in the Residential Care Centre De Beyart in Maastricht. 

In its existence of 182 years, our Congregation has always known a group of fellow brothers who, in their faithful commitment, ensure the proper functioning of our daily lives: our residential staff brothers. When Paul indicated in 1946 that he wanted to become a brother, he was trained at our vocational school in Maastricht to perform domestic activities. He did these in a number of communities in the country, until he started working in De Beyart in 1962. Here he was dear to us until his death. 

Paul was a still water that runs deep: without much fuss he was a very dedicated co-worker, who could often be very witty. Among his colleagues, he was a very well-seen person. He was also a man of reflection. He looked for peace with the Eternal. He also found that peace in making beautiful, colorful drawings. 

We say goodbye to this beloved person during a Celebration, which takes place on Friday 27 May at 14.30 in the chapel of De Beyart.Then we lay him to rest at the cemetery of the Brothers FIC near the Anjoulaan in Maastricht. 


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