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Vigil Mass for late Bro. Wladimir FIC. (Henk van Heck)

Vigil Mass for late Br. Wladimir FIC presided by Vice Chancellor of Cunima (Catholic University of Malawi, Chaplain of Cunima, chaplain of Srs SBVM, together with other 12 priests. Altar boys/girls: students of Cunima.Choirs: Montfort choir of Maryview village and choir of Cunima.
Vigil Mass for late Br. Wladimir FIC, Africa. Lining up to see him laid in a coffin.
Vigil Mass for late Br. Wladimir FIC, Africa. Coffin arrived in Maryview, welcome by people who were mourning, weeping and crying.
Vigil Mass for late Br. Wladimir FIC, Sunday afternoon-evening 13 march 2016.
1. This Mass was attended by people around Maryview village. The coffin/remains arrived in Maryview at 16.30, welcome by people who were mourning, weeping, and crying. Before vigil Mass the people were given chance to see late Bro. Wladimjir in the casket. Meanwhile the choirs from Maryview village and Choir of Catholic University students sang hymn in turn.
2. The mass was presided by the Vice Chancellor of Catholic University (CUNIMA), the chaplain of CUNIMA and the chaplain of the Sisters SBVM, together with other 12 priests.
3. It was very good sermon by the chaplain of Sisters SBVM. Gospel reading taken from Matt 25: 31-46.
He started the preaching by singing words” Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me. … and the congregations continued spontaneously: When I was hungry you give me to eat, when I was thirsty you give me to drink, Now enter into the home of my Father…….
4.Many sentences said, got a murmur approval from people. Once he said; “The dead of Bro. Wladimir is the dead of many……. Murmur: yeyeyeye……………………When he explained that on final judgment day he will divide them into two groups just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, then he asked people: Ask yourself who you are. Everybody knows, you are goat, don’t’ you????The people laughing…….
5. After mass each group was organized to keep vigil by singing and praying the whole night until tomorrow morning at 11.00 when we will have official funeral ceremony.
Second Mass for late Br. Wladimir FIC, Africa, Sunday afternoon/evening, presided by Fr. Buleya, accompanied by other 14 priests.. Fist prayer was led by Bishop Mtumbuka accompanied by 5 priests of Catholic University of Malawi, Friday 12 March.Third Mass (official Mass) will be on Monday 15 March, by Archbishop of Archdiocese of Blantyre, Mgr. Thomas Msusa.

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