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SHALOM (Newsletter from Malawi province)

Dear friends with joy I greet you all. First of all I thank God who through Pope Francesco has allowed that this year should be a year of mercy. There were a lot of things that happen in our lives , some of the them are very good and some not so good. This year we are given a special privilege to repair our relationship with God who is all merciful. 
It is proper to review our lives and plan for the future. It is always necessary to take stock of our lives especially now since we are  still in the first quarter of 2015. This helps to see where we failed to be good and do good, to try to plan well for the year 2016. Mostly we make resolutions for the new year but often times we do not fulfil those resolutions. Let each one of us ask ourselves, if we have started doing something as we are still at the beginning of the year. Again we need to ask ourselves if the resolutions that we made will help us to be Good and do good, and bring us closer to God or if we need abandon them and make new ones before it is too late. 
On behalf of the Malawi FIC Vocations Promotion Team I wish everybody to be good and do good in 2016. Let Jesus Christ be our master.  
As usual there is a reflection and some stories that we are going to share with you in this edition. We continue to ask people of good will to keep on sending their articles for publication in this Newsletter. 
Bro. Stanslao Finye: (for Vocation Promotion Team) 

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