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News from Malawi (April 2015).

News from Malawi.
1. Floods in Malawi.
The rainy season in Malawi, started very late, the end of December 2015.   It followed with  normal pattern of rainy season,  heavy rain throughout January . The rain was simply so much that caused flood especially in  districts with flat area along Shire river . Districts most affected are Nsanje, Chikwawa, Mangochi , Karonga and others.   In reality each district is affected. Most people living in mud houses. Even if they build using bricks, it was done without cement. As such, when heavy rain comes, these houses collapsed. Our brothers at Bethel Community went to Manase and Chilobwe townships. So many houses simply damaged. This even more in the villages around us such as Mzedi, Maryview, Mitengo,Thyolo. We managed took part in helping flood victims, using our own resources. Thanks for the additional resources from General Council. We used this donation to help some people to repair their houses  such as buying iron sheets, or even to construct a new simple houses. The flood in lower area washed away main crops in the garden. In the higher places, maize survived but as it was planted very late. As usual, the rain stopped at the end of February where the maize are still young and green. As such the production of food stuff this year will be very poor. Expert predicted of harvesting 40 % only. We could see this everywhere.
2. Renovation of the school for the deaf in Mua. Last year we managed to renovate the Sisters' convent continued with the hostel of the school. It started in November and up this date, April 2015 the work is still going on.  The next target is renovation of the school.
3. Expansion of St. Louis CDSS (Community Day Secondary School). This school was officially opened in January 2012. This year, June 2015 the first group, form four wrote  MSCE, Malawi School Certificate Education, a national examination for senior Secondary School students. The end of year 2014, new structure was built, this is a laboratory and Science Rooms. Beginning of January 2015, we started to build a structure for library room and Knitting room. We aim at helping female students with skills in needlecraft.
4. Contribution bricks from the community. On 19 February 2015, the School handed over 100,000. brick to  the Provincial Council. In the letter it was written:
Dear Bro. Provincial Superior,
We teachers and parents' representative have reached a consensus to surrender bricks we burnt last year to you for the development of St. Louis CDSS Mzedi.  Having seen the excellent work you are doing for the sake of our students, we thought that it is not good for us to be passive spectators. Hence  we burnt the said bricks as a token of appreciation. We know there are teachers' houses, and other infrastructural developments to be done. Here are 100,000 bricks which you should use to cut down expenses. We shall be very grateful if our offer is going to be accepted. Yours faithfully:
C.E. Masala, head teacher, signed. S. George Mr, Vice School Committee Chairman, signed. Ruth Dzanja, head girl, signed. Building the wall around the school is our dream.
5. The best performance of the Deaf Children in Southern Africa Country. An international organization conducted a competition for Special Needs Education (SNE) children. They choose Mua School for the Deaf to represent the deaf children in Malawi. The competition took place in January in Johannesburg, South Africa. There were participants from ten countries of  Southern Africa country: South Africa,  Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia. This competition includes: traditional dances, drama,  and sporting activities. It was a joy for us to send them and welcome them back with a trophy of a winner of THE BEST PERFORMANCE. Congratulations to the deaf schools especially the School of the Deaf in Mua. We are still renovating the structures so that the pupils feel "at home" and learn better.
6. Transfer and new assignment.
The contract of serving the students of  John Paul II Academy is over, the Brother Henry decided not to renew the contract. We welcome his decision, hence gives him  a new assignment as chairman for IGA (Income Generating Activities) and maintenance. He thus transfered to Maryview Community. Bro. Emmanuel who was the chairman moved to Mitengo to strengthen Mitengo Community and Mitengo School. Bro. Mark Adamah who is studying in Blantyre, is transferred to Bethel , to replace Bro. Henry as local Superior of Provincial House Community.

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