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Malawi News, April 2014

Termination of all domestic workers

The Provincial Council of Malawi decided that all domestic workers should be terminated by April 2014. Many of them have been working for many years. It is important to do so in order to cope with the demands of the time. After termination each community is to find new workers whose work will be based on a "contract" which is renewable. They have been experiencing a lot of problems regarding the payment of workers. To employ permanent workers with pension scheme is not viable anymore.


Sharing Responsibilities for Maintaining Teachers' Houses

Providing houses for teachers is part and parcel of running a school. They have done this from the beginning of their mission work in Malawi. So far teachers hardly pay any rent and the Brothers were regarded as the owners of the school, and therefore they think, the brothers have to take care of the maintenance of their houses as well. To change this way of thinking is quite a challenge. The Provincial Council had to take some measures to ensure the continuous maintenance of these structures. All the teachers and staff members who occupy teachers' houses had to pay a monthly rent amounting to 10% of their salaries. Although they know that this measure is based on government regulations, they tried to argue, debate, and negotiate. However at the end they agreed. The Provincial Council also decided that St. Patrick's Secondary School should pay an amount of money annually to the Province, which will be used for the maintenance of the school and teachers' houses. The next step is to implement this policy for the lecturers of Special Needs College at Montfort SNE College, Maryview.


Contact Days for Candidates

From 9-12 April, the Vocation Promotion Team organized contact days for possible candidates. Five young men came and stayed at Mzedi Community. One of them already sent an application and has been accepted. He will stay at Mzedi Formation House from September 2014. At the moment he is teaching French and English at Catholic Secondary School in Mangochi. He got his fist degree from Mzuzu University. Last year three candidates applied for formation but soon after they were posted as Primary School Teachers, they asked permission to get their teaching experience before coming for the formation.


From the Dairy of the Provincial Superior

Apart from the normal teaching, the Provincial Superior of Malawi was also involved in supervision of teaching practice of the students in Zomba and Mulanje Districts which was done in the months of February and March. It was during the rainy season and all the roads in the village were in very poor condition. It was a challenging experience as the group had to spend several nights in the villages. For instance during the first two days in Zomba District they had to spend the night in the very simple Rest Houses that charged K 900.00 (almost 2 Euro) per-night. However it was an enjoyable exercise especially when he met former Montfort students. In these unfavourable conditions of the rural schools, most of the teachers try to do their best in educating school children. This spirit became the source of inspiration and motivation for the Tutors.

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