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Funeral mass late Bro. Wladimir (Henk van Heck).

Some important expressionis of our fellow brothers about late Bro. Wladimir: "Five months ago in this village, you were with us when we celebrated 170 years FIC. Now in this same village you are with us to say good bye to one of us. So we are together in joy and in sorrow: (Br. Thomas Chikoti).
"During his stay in Malawi, Bro. Wladimir worked hard for the welfare of the poor and the underprivileged of the deaf children. He is an asset to the Church "(FR. Mukombwa on his sermon during the Mass).
"We, the young generation move by car, this Brother walked to meet the poor in the villages. He was our arms, our feet. Malawi will be different if all of us pay special attention to the poor. " (Bishop Thomas Luke Msusa).
Laying funeral wreath at the tomb of late Bro. Wladimir (Henk van Heck). This was done jointly by the women  who served in the funerals. After the sow flowers we bow down and pray the Hail Mary.
Laying funeral wreath at the tomb of late Bro. Wladimir. I (Bro. Martinus Dariyo) got the first, followed by our Bishop, Mrs. Sacranie, the representatif of school for the deaf, etc.
Mrs. Sacranie, former Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a close friend of Br. Wladimir. He came to represent the citizens of the Netherlands who live in Blantyre.
He gives the true lesson: life is only once and take advantage of all that belonged to for the sake of the happiness of others. " Being good and doing good ".
Meet the wish of our fellow brother before he died, asked for buried near to the grave of his fellow brother, Br. Tijs Holla, under  the tree.
The funeral of the late Bro. Wladimir at the FIC cemetery in Mzedi, 20 km from Maryview. After the funeral mass in Maryview a coffin the deceased left to FIC cemetery in Mzedi. Once in Mzedi, the people of the parish of Mzedi, including the St. Patrick high school student already awaits in the cemetery.

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