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Desease Brother Martin Dariyo.

It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Bro. Martinus Dariyo on May 16, 2020.


           'Let me enter the place of rest and peace 

            that is called by your name.'

                                                             H. Oosterhuis




He was born on February 17, 1951 in Samigaluh (Indonesia).

On December 8, 1975, he made his vows in the FIC Congregation.

He passed away on May 16, 2020 in Mwayiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre (Malawi).


Bro. Martin Dariyo dedicated his whole life to serve God and humanity, as an FIC Brother and especially as a missionary in Malawi for more than 30 years. He was a man of faith. He was humble, genuine, kind, simple and sociable. His personality made him relate easily with so many people. He loved his vocation as Brother FIC, which became a strong foundation of his apostolate wherever the Congregation sent him, in Indonesia but particularly in Malawi as a missionary. He strongly believed God loved him very much and guided him especially when he made choices in his life.

Bro. Martin loved teaching and he was very good and happy in it. He always prepared his lessons carefully and was very alive when he was in front of his class. He was very close to all his students. That is why his former students always remember him and cherish the good memories of him as a brother and teacher.

Bro. Martin studied “Catechetics” at Sanata Dharma Catholic University, and this added value to his life as a religious and a teacher. His studies had a multi-dimensional effect on his spiritual life. After his studies, he was considered well equipped for a missionary journey. Out of religious obedience to his Congregation he became a missionary, first in Zambia among the people of God and later in Malawi.

Being a missionary in Malawi for more than 30 years is an indication of his love for the people. This is also a testimony for the love he had for the apostolic work among the people of Malawi. Bro. Martin has also been very close to nature; this is evident in his love for gardening and interest in planting trees. He made it clear to people that taking care of the environment is an inseparable part of his mission.

Bro. Martin was a person who loved reading and writing. Through writing, he shared what he read with people. He was very active in sharing his stories or inspiration on social media. In this way he reached out to so many people across the globe. We noticed that many people read what he posted and got inspired from his sharing. Bro. Martin also generously shared his knowledge, inspiration, and experiences in FIC publications.

Although Bro. Martin was thinking of repatriating to Indonesia after the 2018 General Chapter,  his love for Malawi was stronger. Instead of pursuing his earlier plan, he placed himself humbly and obediently when the Provincial Superior of Malawi asked him to help them with work in the area of Initial Formation. He surrendered freely and happily to continue his mission in Malawi Province which he loved so much.

Thanks be to God for his dedication and the gift of his life to the Congregation and the people he served so well. In Bro. Martin Dariyo, we have lost a devoted fellow brother who stayed true to his mission as a "brother to all". It must therefore have been painful for him that he suffered severe coughing and lung disease in his last months’ of life, which prevented him from living his normal life of service. May he receive his deserved eternal rest after such a blessed life. Bro. Martin, thank you for your immense obedience to our Congregation, and your love for Malawi Province.


The funeral service of Bro. Martin will take place on Tuesday May 19th.

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