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Circular Letter General Council FIC.

Dear Brothers and Associated Members,
As we are still in the Easter season, on behalf of the General
Council, I would like to wish you a very Happy Easter 2017.
May the spirit of the resurrection strengthen our spirit to
continue the ministry of salvation which reaches its culmination
in the death of Jesus on the cross.
As you might have heard we, religious Brothers, have for a
long time been waiting for the official document of the Church
concerning our vocation as religious Brothers. We think it is
necessary for the Church to publish such document which
would be of value, not only to ourselves but to the Church in
general. This kind of document is at the same time an official
recognition by the Church on the unique vocation of religious
Brothers. It is a reality that many people do not understand this
sort of vocation. There is no denying that lay religious life for
men has not always been understood in the Church, by either
the hierarchy or the laity. In many cases religious Brothers are
seen merely as a sort of hybrid: neither priest nor lay-persons,
but something “halfway in between”, ill-defined and incomplete.
Brothers themselves have sometimes been more concerned
about defending it than deepening their own understanding
of it.


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